Autumn's (Yavie) Background

  • This was Autumn’s background, and was submitted to the DM team as part of the Arcane Archer application. The concept behind it was that some elves are gifted with the ability to temporarily enchant objects through force of will. This imparts energy to it, thus making arrows hit harder or in some extreme cases, explode (Fireball in AA feats). Since the application for this PRC was to be put on hold, Autumn’s mentor died on the trip, stranding Autumn in the land of Narfell pending a new tutor.

    While not approved, here is Autumn’s background.

    “Hun, please come here”, Neia said to her husband in hushed but urgent tones. Amrynn got up from the table where he had been fletching an arrow and moved quickly to her side. “What … “, was all he got out before Neia put a finger to his lips and pointed to their young daughter Yavie in the next room.

    Yavie was playing with the coins that Amrynn had been using to teach her to count. She sat on the floor stacking them one by one, counting as her father had instructed.

    Amrynn’s shoulders tensed, “Neia, I have to finish these arrows for Merial, he’s coming…”

    “Patience husband”, Neia interrupted again. “Just watch”

    Yavie continued playing with the coins counting softly to ten. When she reached ten, the touched the bottom coin. It immediately twinkled and jumped, sending the other coins scattering across the rug. Yavie giggled, collected the coins, and began counting again.

    Amrynn looked at Neia with a raised brow.

    The following week, Shyrrik the Elder sat at the table with Amrynn and Neia. He wore a small relaxed smile as they looked upon him anxiously waiting for his words on their daughter’s “gift”.

    Shyrrik put his comforting hand on Neia’s and looked to Amrynn “Your daughter has a curious weave-touched gift, but I fear that’s all it will ever be”, he said. “Later as she gets older we might be able to teach her a few small cantrips, but I doubt it will come to more than that. I’m sorry. I know you were hoping for more.”

    Amrynn sighed, “It’s quite alright Elder. There have been no weave-touched on my side of the family, and only Neia’s great uncle showed any inclination. I will teach her the bow as my father taught me, and his father taught him”

    As the years passed, Yavie grew tall and strong. Amrynn’s father was a bear of a man, and to this day he still could not draw his father’s favored bow. Amrynn saw much of his father in her. Now a youth, Yavie towered over the others of her age in the village. It was not a blessing though. It made her feel awkward, and she stood out from the rest and was often poked fun of. Her curious gift, which she flaunted against those who teased her, only exacerbated it. Although free spirited, Yavie had few friends and was much the loner.

    Her standing amongst her peers improved however, the day she won the tournament.

    Yavie was always considered a strong contender. Her father Amrynn was a well-known archer and had taught her well. Yavie was accomplished for her age, and the bow her father made her was tall with a high draw.

    The day of the tournament was windy. While it gave Yavie an advantage, as her arrows were heavier and flew faster, it lent a degree of randomness to the outcome. As the finals drew near, Yavie found herself down two points, enough that when her time came to shoot meant that she would need a red or gold circle to win.

    That’s when Yavie cheated.

    It was unspotted by all by one, Elder Gaeleron from Elventree. When Yavie fired, the arrow briefly twinkled and given a little extra push and guidance. It landed just outside the bullseye giving her the win.

    Yavie became the hero for a moment. There was much celebration for the tall awkward loner, and Yavie reveled in the attention. Amrynn and Neia were proud. It was during the celebration that Gaeleron quietly walked up behind Yavie and whispered, “You cheated”

    Yavie’s face went red, and she turned to look at the Elder. Despite her lack of years, she looked at him in the eye. However, while expecting disapproval in the eyes of the elder, all she encountered was mirth.

    “You aren’t the only one with the gift, child”, Gaeleron said with a smirk. “However, it’s rather rare and should be developed for something other than…”, he paused, “…plinking coins. I could teach you child of The Harvest, which your father’s permission of course”

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