Asking for help for another.

  • Howdy everyone. I normally don't do things like this but this is my newphew that this is happening to, and he's a super little guy. I only wish the best for him.

    The short short version is he was born early with very bad scoliosis (amongst other issues) and its to the point where his spine is causing growing issues and pain. There is a new kind of surgery to fix this available, 5 surgeons in the world know how to do it and my sister met with the guy who invented it, and my nephew is a candidate for it.

    Short version of what the surgery does, imagine braces for your spine.

    My sister's insurance covers the procedure but since its such a new procedure it will not cover the cost of the surgeons themselves. My sister can explain it better in the video.

    Basically, they need a BUNCH of money to cover the procedure, and if they can get it done it will REALLY help my nephew.

    I don't like asking for money from people, but as I said at the top, its family.

    Literally anything helps.

    Thanks everyone!