Camp Negan

  • A make-shift camp has popped up on the ridge where the bandits have been roaming lately. A lone dwarf is often seen looking out over the ridge, killing any bandits who dare to come to "his ridge". The sound of battle, singing, and insults can be heard from the Seer to the Oscura cave entrance. Bandit bodies litter the pass until their comrades come to retrieve them. Most don't make it back alive. In the past 7 days nearly 100 bandits have been killed.

  • Praises to Clangeddin can be heard after a near disastrous encounter with bandits, Negan takes over their camp in a more suitable location along the ridge. Now if he can keep the gnolls out he'll be doing fine.

    The battle was short and fierce but the lone dwarf was beaten badly and taken prisoner. His prayer to Clangeddin seemed to go unheard until another dwarf happened along the scene. Dirty Darius finished off the bandits as Negan breaks free from his bonds and joins the fray, only to leap upon a bandits back that was dead before he hit the ground. The two dwarves drank some ale in a toast to Clangeddin and Darius went on his way. A sign was posted at the new camp that read "Dirty Negan's Bandit Camp" commemorating the two's, however short lived, alliance. Negan assured him that he was welcome to the camp anytime.

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