• Alvi ran into a group of Bandits at the pass outside Peltarch. Was a Necromancer and five fighters.... dispatched... but all are warned

  • A blood soaked dwarf once again walks in the Mermaid. He boasts of killing several (15 by his count) bandits. Remnants of a make-shift camp and dozens of empty ale bottles on the ridge seem to collaborate the story. After spending the night at the inn, the young-ish, red haired dwarf buys several bottles of dwarven stout and heads back to his self-appointed post atop the ridge.
    Along the way he can be heard singing "Fightin' drinkin' minin' e'ry day... That's the prayer this dwarf boy prays... Thank Clangeddin he made me thisa way... Fightin' drinkin' minin' e'ry day".

  • Shesarai came into the Commons saying she found two bandits on the road by the Kuo Toa Cave entrance and asking for help to take care of them. Isolde, Ting, and Faelar joined her and the group headed south full of confidence. They returned an hour later with a stern warning. There were more than half a dozen bandits this time, and some of them were much tougher than expected. In particular, an elf, a dwarf, and a human. According to Shesarai, the human casted Circle 7 cleric spells, and the dwarf was an exceptionally fast and brutal fighter. The party barely survived. The dwarf and six or seven lessor bandits were killed, but none saw what happened to the elf or the human caster. They were not among the dead and no one saw them fall.


  • Four bandits, 2 males and 2 females, attempt to rob a dwarf in full plate.
    Their dying screams could be heard a great distance as the dwarf killed them all, chopping one of the males in two at the waist with an axe. The blood soaked dwarf continued southward returning a short time later with another dwarf and a human female on horseback. The bandits wisely kept their distance from the trio as they head into the cave leading to Oscura. They spoke of ettins and ore as they entered the cave.

  • Narfell PL

    On a recent occasion, some blood-soaked, weary, and worn out looking adventurers stumbled out of the cave to Oscura from the Underdark, muttering about skindancers but praising their haul of spellcrystals, when they also happened across some bandits ...

    It was raining.

    It was kind of dark.

    Lightning flashed. Something child-sized launched into the air, and the sounds of bodies imploding from impact could be heard, and the pass was clear again for a time. At least, according to the adventurers who shortly after, straggled through the gates to rest, recover, and share the spoils!

  • Narfell DM

    every now and then, red light and negative energy crackles along with the occasional scream. If any are ever watching, these are caused by a women in heavily spiked armour, bearing the symbol of Bane, smashing the bandits. The occasional shout of prayers to the Black Hand are heard as the women attacks

  • The howls of wolves can be heard all up and down the pass, from Norwick to Peltarch. It is unknown what may have them riled up. It could very well be the bandits but, who knows? AaRRrrrOOooo!!

  • General Theaon can be seen on the Bluff issuing orders to Legionnaires for increased patrols along the Nars as a result of the increasing bandit numbers.

  • The Ranger Ting watched the bandits for a while to make sure no one was ambushed

  • Faelar also confirms their presence. He also mentions that he killed one of the caster wenches just outside the Seer. Also, that their numbers and toughness are increasing.

  • Confirmed. Yaule and Thau'lira and Sparrow killed a few, but more have appeared since.

  • Somewhat later, Shesarai ran breathless into Peltarch shouting that five or six bandits are on the road near the Kuo Toa Cavern. Don't go south without a war party.