Oscuran Adventure Night (OOC)

  • Does anyone have interest in an Oscuran only adventure night? It can range anywhere from crafting supply trips to ransacking a nearby town/village/camp. We can model it after the Moonlighter idea where each person leads the group for their own adventure.
    For example:
    Week 1: Character A wants to go mining for silver. They lead the group on an adventure to Location X which is known for plentiful silver veins.
    Week 2: Character B wants to explore the Underdark and leads a group there.
    So on and so on....
    It would be best to plan things that doesn't require DM participation but, could be improved by it.

    Same contact rules as the Oscuran Crafters Coalition...
    Reply here or PM me, if you prefer to remain anonymous.

  • @necrofai that's kool... i kinda figured that but I was saying in general... it was something that I thought about while responding to you LOL

  • Chandra is an Obscuran and has been for awhile. She switched to there ever since she got her new arm.

  • I'm not going to put level restrictions on it like with the Moonlighters because these aren't new characters they're old ones that people already have and the level range will differ. Just keep in mind that we likely won't be hunting Creel constantly as some can't survive the trip (cough Buurbag cough). Trips can range from something like going to get crafting materials for Character X to a certain magic item for Character Y or just an exploration trip for Character Z (Zee or Zed. I really don't care :P). Any blooded Oscuran will be welcome but it will be restricted to Blooded Oscurans. Your character can try and lie about it but, I won't be held responsible if the Blooded Oscurans find out as the character will likely be considered a spy and dealt with accordingly.

  • yes, Thursdays at 14:00 GMT is 9:00 Est.
    I'm surely free until 10.30 Est and maybe some more but then I'll go to work
    I dont know about level

  • You only doing lower levels? Cause Chandra could come if you want.

  • ok how's Thursdays at 14:00 GMT... I think that's 9:00am EST?

  • I'm interested. my timing would be from 18.30 to 21.00 ET or from 8.00 to 10.30 ET, once Tuesday or Thursday.

  • @davidnwn being an owner of a small construction related business, my schedule is pretty much tied up during the day unless I don't have work. Which is something I've been without lately. I'll try my best to fit you in somewhere or you could just take the reins. It was just an idea that I was tossing around and nothing is set in stone as of yet. I think EST is GMT -4:00 so before 18:00 GMT may be tough at times for me. It just depends if I have work or not, as well as, what the majority are able to do. But we'll see when we all discuss it together.

  • Narfell DM

    @karion_silverbow Actully on the whole, i very rarely get to play weekends! My times are a bit messed up by shiftwork, but GMT daytimes (before 18:00 hrs) during weekdays are my most likely times!

  • Frances Darkhaven would surely be glad to adventure with fellow oscurans.


  • @darkspyr that's what i'm thinking... a one night per week deal... we'll discuss the day/time in one week from tomorrow... but to try and get @Davidnwn involved we're probly looking at Saturday mornings EST. (sorry, I suck at time conversion) Meanwhile, let's see how much more interest there is before committing to anything.

  • I have a lower level Cleric (7) who would be interested, depending on play times. That being said, I do not want to over commit, but one night a week would be doable easily. He would be seeking different bodies and magics to study, but happy to accompany others.

    Alfred Mung Hyrophant of Valsharoon,

  • Anar agrees and will always accompany

  • Narfell DM

    I'd be keen to either play as Liriana or maybe run DM stuff if it in my timezone!