Howling Wolf

  • Character Name: Howling Wolf
    Player Name: RedneckDM

    A young elfling snuggles against the female dire wolf known only as Mother Wolf. It is she who is the pack leader even though she is not truly a wolf. The pack knows she is different for she can speak as the Druids do. That is probably why the others chose her as their leader.
    "You have something on your mind wolf, I can tell" she asks the elfling.
    He replies, "yes mother, wolf has many questions."
    "Speak your mind", she says in a caring voice.
    Wolf looks up to her and the other dire wolves then at his own hands. He places one hand beside the wolf's massive paw, pondering a moment. With a look of wonder in his eyes he asks, "Why is wolf not like the others? Why is wolf the only other that speaks as you do?" What is wolf? Where does wolf come from?
    Wolf mother smiles as a dire wolf might. "I knew this day would come", she assures him with a loving tone. "You and I were not born of the pack", she ponders a moment before continuing, "We were both chosen". She chooses he nest words carefully before continuing. "You, my cub, are special for you were not born of elves nor man. You were born of nature, the fruit of a hollow tree in a far off land. When I first saw you I could see that you were special. I could feel great power within you. I knew that I must take you and teach you the ways of The Lone Wolf, which you have learned well. As far as your appearance" she pauses, "you have yet to find your inner wolf as I have, but that will come soon and when you do, you will be the strongest wolf the pack will ever know."
    Wolf snuggles closer to the wolf and asks, "when will this be, Wolf Mother?"
    "When you come of age", she replies with a wolfish grin. "Worry not, the days go by quickly and your time will come sooner than you might think. Mind what I teach you so that you might be ready when the day does come. Now, get some rest and ponder what you have learned."
    Wolf closes his eyes. Not to sleep but to reflect on the day's events, especially this new revelation Mother Wolf has revealed to him.
    Decades and many lessons later, Wolf has come of age and knows the day has come. Mother Wolf calls the pack together to make an important announcement.
    Once the last cub makes its way into the den she begins. "The time has come once again for the young ones to earn their way in the world. The rite of passage of which all the pack must undergo. Wolf, it is your time. Go to the great tree and find the path laid before you. Take one cub with you and grow together but do not become dependent on them for every wolf must learn to stand on their own. Your quest is to find your inner wolf and you are not to return until that day comes. Only then will the path home reveal itself to you. Say your goodbyes and go."
    He wraps his arms around the neck of Mother Wolf and she whispers, "Beware of man for they are not all honorable". Releasing his grip on her he simply nods.
    With excitement in his heart and sadness in his eyes he says his goodbyes to all except for one. He asks the eldest cub, his best friend, to come with him. The cub lowers his head submissively assuring wolf that he will be with him through his trials. The two then make there way to the tree that Mother Wolf spoke of. As they do a series of howls can be heard from every direction. With tears, of both sadness and joy, in his eyes the two disappear into the tree. Almost instantly they emerge from a hollowed out tree in a forest not that different from the one they left. A town can be seen in the distance but recalling the last words Mother Wolf say to him come to mind and the two decide it may be best to avoid it for now.
    "Cub, we are strangers in a strange land. We must be careful here, wolf senses many dangers afoot. Let us go and explore", he says nervously as the pair venture out into the wilds of Narfell.