The Son of a Nameless Axe

  • Character: Negan Lagmar
    Player: RedneckDM

    No one in Aura Runedar knew much of the Lagmars until now. Negan Lagmar, the son of a nameless axe has quickly made a name for himself and his family. He is now, the first of the Lagmars to be an official part of the Council of Moradin, an honor not even his father would achieve before his death.
    Negan was born in Aura Runedar a little more than a century ago. His father could tell right away that Negan would grow up to be someone special among his kin. He grew straight and strong as any good dwarf would. When he became of age, his father trained him in the art of dwarven warfare. Negan took favor to the most exotic weapons in the dwarves' armory, the Dwarven Waraxe. Noticing his battle prowess, Negan's father decided to take his training a step further. Believing them to be his home's greatest threat he trained Negan to track and hunt giants. Sure, every dwarf has a specific skill set towards orcs, goblins, and giants but Negan's training went beyond that. Little did his father know at the time that it wouldn't be giants that would cause the dwarves' home to fall nor would he live to see it. Negan's father would fall in one of many attacks on the dwarven hold and it would be Clangeddin's will that he join him at the Great Forge. For years Negan had set aside his combat training. It was during this period which he took on the art of drinking himself into a drunken stupor. One day, while he sat at this favorite table at his favorite watering hole, someone came bursting through the door with an announcement which caught his attention. "News from the north!" the voice cried frantically, "Giants! There be Giants near the pass!" Negan leapt to his feet as if he had been hit with lightning and left Aura Runedar heading north. Ever since he has felled many a foe while fighting along side his kin. Apparently, he left such an impression that Thorin Goldenaxe himself asked Negan if he wished to be part of the Council of Moradin, which he gladly accepted as the great honor it is. The rest is, what they call, history.

  • Narfell DM

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