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    Her Martial Trainer Jade Raven had told her it was because when she was left on their doorstep, it was winter and when the brothers had found her in the bundle of blankets she had been left in... they thought she was dead... she was cold and blue. But then she started crying... and didn't stop till all the brothers patience had been tested.

    Master Cloud Stork said that it was because she was stubborn. And when she was a child, if she didn't get a sweet after dinner, she would hold her breath till she was blue in the face. That one still makes her smile.

    The Head Librarian Flicker Wren thinks she was named Blue because of her flights of distraction looking up at the skies. And tells her that she needs to concentration more on her studies.

    Honestly, no one is sure why the monastery's Hawk and Dove named her Blue. She herself has yet to learn the truth of it. Perhaps it is a test that all the brothers go through when they gain their name. Perhaps only the Moonmaiden Mother herself knows for certain.

    The day she left the monastery to learn the world and to be of service, True Hawk gave her the Soul Sun ring and said, "Blue Sparrow. You are connected to all through the Sun you carry within. They too, carry a piece of Selune within them. It is your duty to show them the Light and to banish the Twin of Light... Darkness." He then wrapped her wrists with the wet leather bindings like the lowliest disciple does for their Masters before sparring or battle. He stood up and put his fist to his open palm at chest level in front of him. She returned the salute.

    Then Storm Dove smiled at her. The two leaders of the Sun Soul Monastery couldn't be more different. Just like the faces of the Moonmaiden herself. She was pale and slight, where True Hawk was sun blessed and ruddy. She gave Blue her book. The scripture book of Selune. A small soft leather bound book with soft vellum pages. Embossed on one side.. a Sun and on the other... a Moon. She lowered her gaze as the lowliest disciple does when their masters meet their gaze. A sign of respect. She was silent with her advice... she simply touched her hand to Blue's chest... above her heart. Her hand was warm and dry.

    There was so much she did not know. She was told it was a journey of discovery. Of how she fit into the phases and forms of Selune. Beyond that... she was not told what to look for. She had never left the monastery grounds and fields. But she was a Moonbeam of Selune. Of the Holy Order of the Sun Soul. And although she was a simple Sparrow she was armed with both the Sun and the Moon. She straightened her stance, turned on her heel... and walked out the gates into the world.

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