Dozer Mantleborne

  • Wind burnt cheeks, sun-bleached blonde hair, pale water blue eyes. Dressed in simple, clean and well worn clothes. He has a relaxed demeanor... round, with no sharp edges. His mouth is stern, yet his eyes twinkle.

    A simple dwarf. One one word will do, he'll not bother with two. Gives off a slight scent of ground metal and coffee. He unconsciously hums to himself, especially when he's relaxed. A good mood will bring him to whistling jaunty tunes. Dwarves will sometimes recognize the tunes as ones from their childhood.

    On occasion, you will hear people call him or refer to him as Plug. Once you are familiar with him, Dozer is known as a hard drinking gambler. He seems to be the front man for a dwarven mining company that sends their ores down out of the Giantspire for sale in the city.

    He also has what can only be described OOC as a southern cowboy drawl, unusual for a dwarven clan... and even his dwarven is quite accented.

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    Image courtesy of Sebastian Schmidt.