Blue Sparrow

  • An unassuming young woman who carries herself with a quiet confidence. She comes across like a homesteader... honest, straightforward and hardworking.

    Talking with her, she is tentative to voice her opinions. When she is unsure of exactly what to say, she simply pauses mid-sentence. She is polite and shy when in a group. She seems to get lost in her own thoughts as well... retreating to the solitude of her own head when confused.

    Spot Check 20: You notice that there are calluses on her hands and knuckles as well as other visible pressure points. If she is bathing, you can see the calluses are on all striking points that could be made with the body (elbows, knees, heels, shins, forearms, etc).

    She can also be seen to be reading a small soft oilskin leather covered book with a full Moon embossed on one cover and a Sun embossed on the opposite. When she seems unsure of herself, the book comes out.

    alt text
    Image courtesy of Michael Macrae