Jane Haltrude

  • Attitude:

    Jane seems to view the world and most people in it with a great deal of scepticism. Surly or downright suspicious, she appears to expect the worst as a general rule of thumb. While winning Jane over is a rare thing, she seems to thaw to an extent with the people she's deemed 'not complete idiots' and will crack a half-grin or even a wry joke at times. Flirtation, flattery or any type of religious talk tends to earn the same flat and derisive look from this seemingly utilitarian minded woman with a broad dockside drawl. Jane appears to take a somewhat flexible stance to the concept of orders and often bristles at rank, yet remains highly disciplined in combat.


    Above avarage in height but not strikingly tall, Jane is a fit and strong woman in her early twenties. Broad-shouldered and relatively slim of hip, she isn't the most feminine looking, an impression further reinforced by her lack of makeup or embellishments and the short-cropped hair, thick and unevenly cut as though she tends to it herself without much caring about the result. It tends to sprawl every which way, despite occasional attempts to flatten it. For all that, a closer study of Jane suggests that she might well clean up nicely, if she cared to try. Even features and strong cheekbones make for an attractive enough face, with skin that's smooth and fair, if prone to freckling across the bridge of her nose. Jane's eyes are a darkish grey, dappled with green and framed by thick, dark lashes.

    Clothing and Equipment:

    Jane is typically wearing a fullplate armour, its green tabard and cloak clearly designating her as a soldier in the Peltarch Defenders. She has a well-kept tower shield strapped to her back and a longsword at her hip, suggesting a preference for melee combat, though at times swaps to a longbow. Nothing in her overall equipment stands out, but most of it seems functional and of decent quality, though her greaves are flecked with rust. On the rare occasion that Jane is unarmoured, she tends to favour baggy, fully covering clothing in drab and muted colours, as though dressing either without care or with the specific intention not to stand out.

    Combat style:

    In melee, Jane tends to assume a patient, almost lazy stance, though appears to have a keen understanding of the flow of combat. While her role is often that of 'tank', aptly turtling behind her large and sturdy shield, she is ever looking for the openings to strike, surprising her foe with a well aimed slash, a shove of her shield or a quick smack across a wrist, sending their weapons flying. Though a relatively untrained archer, her aim with a bow is decent enough to take potshots at enemy spellcasters, whom she always seems extra wary of.