Reyer Untilh'end (background)

  • Human with tawny skin. Early twenties.
    Brown eyes and black hair with beard and mustache on the same color.
    Little relevance choice of clothing make appear sloppy but beard.
    A crudely carved bloodstone hangs from his neck. The Mystra sign is visible on his book.

    Reyer born near Bloodstone village, an important trade route layed on the shores of Lake Midai where it joined with the Beaumaris River. Parental home was a whitewashed heavy stone house with angled wood tile roof and arched windows, embedded on the slopes of Galena mountains, south from the small mining town called Virdin. He used to live with his Grandfather ((fatherfather would say pixie)), a miner example of work ethic, who found a silver vein and become the owner of a mine, and his sister, a sharp eyed spirited girl a few years older with shaggy dark hair. There Reyer, between cliffs and green slopes, spend his childhood joined the simple frugal life with the sandhogs coming in and out. Between them Reyer made friends in particular with a grizzled dwarf, named Balin Climbwalls, that by then led the miners in places of his old granpa. Reyer was an introvert child but proved to be sharp at young age learning dwarnven and vaasan slang, the latter especially to offend or taunt, while the skilled dwarf teached him the rudiments of mining replacing the father figure, always on the road due to his business. Came into being during this time Reyer’s love for rocks, gems and crystals. He was ten when Balin gifted him the crudely carved bloodstone he is still carrying around the neck.
    His father, a greedy and selfish merchant, wanted a brave son but during adolescence Reyer was more comfortable in reading. He dreamed to become a scribe and was thinking about a way to have the opportunity to study within the Abbey of St. Sollars. He was only once in Bloodstone village to celebrate his brother birthday but he was upset from the large sanctuary, the book laid open on the altar lighted by the sunbeams and the sound of the two large bells on the top of the bell tower. But become a priest wasn’t in his will. It was then that he found out his vocation. His first magic teacher was a street artist, a gnomish illusionist who stayed all the winter at mooch. Became called “David” but none known his real name. He teached to the boy how mix experimentation with traditional method, the wonders of nature, the flavor of arcane knowledge and the gnomish tongue. In spring they suddenly left the house unannounced. They traveled walking along the mountains following the gnome paths and avoiding the goblins that infested the wild lands. In autumn they ended up near Ironspur. David escaped the guards and was accused of kidnapping. Reyer spent days in detention until his older brother, promising cadet of Damarian Army, rescued him.
    His father was very disappointed, but when his anger went away, he resolved to bring the youngest son in his business travels. The caravan carried them until Trailsend , one of the mightiest fortresses in the Bloodstone Lands, where Mr.Unthilh’end had storage. Loading took a lot of time and Reyer had the possibility to experience the night life in a big city, he had sleep on the ground of the Snoring Giant Inn in Virdin at most. When the cargo ship was ready they sailed the great imphras river leading in the easting reach and stopped at Dilpur. The city was a mix of different culture but what surprised Reyer most was the cheap delicious seafood you could find near the harbor. He started to take interest in cooking and collected several recipes. Boodstones was selling like hotcakes in Implitur but the trip was just beginning. Mr Unthilh’end decided to use the cash earned to diversify the business so they crossed the sea stretch and landed in Velprintalar port. The plan was to take advantage of Reyer’s basic knowledge of wizardry to buy some magical items and then sail towards Chondath, along Vilhon reach and nagawater, where they were considerably valuable. The captain lengthened the route to avoid the pirate islands but everything went smooth as silk. Those trades brought a lot of dough but Reyer couldnt’t stand his father anymore. He understood why his mother left. While the elder decided to squander stopping in Innarlith, Reyer thanks to familiar heritage and right connections was able to depart.
    In the city where anything could be purchased he chartered a shaaran guide to be driven through that endless stretch of grassy plains but discovered that the best solution to reach south was by boat. So he sailed again, across the Lake of Steam, leaving behind a collection of free cities facing on water. The destination was clear in his mind: Halruha. The Shining Sea was the worst part of all the trip, the storms was on another level compared to internal seas but when he arrived at Ithmong Bay the natural show provided from the 15 meters cliff was priceless. Ithmong's docks were constructed inside a series of a dozen linked seacaves at the base of the cliffs. Together, they gave the city an underground port district. A high volume of goods from Halruaa passed through these and Reyer followed the trade roads until he got to Talath Pass. This rugged mountain pass cut through the Lhairghal Mountains, offering a difficult way into Halruaa from the west and lead to the fortress of Talathgard. The High Temple of Mystra seemed impossibly tall alongside the steep mountain slope. Reyer hoped to have find the promised land. It was the most paranoid country he was ever in instead. Since anyone, even a beggar on the street, could be hiding a wand of fireballs, courtesy and politeness have become so ritualized that people are uncomfortable without them. Halruaan social interactions usually involve lengthy declarations of intent, ritual sharing of spell components, and other elaborate niceties. He considered such practices an unnecessary waste of time, but for Halruaans, they represent self-preservation as much as politeness. Magic pervades their lives on an everyday level but of the third of the population with magical skill, approximately two-thirds have never been able to get beyond a simple trick or two so Reyer succeeded to study magic in a small temple of Mystra. Used to be the smartest now Reyer was only average becoming the laughing stock of the school. He larned Halruaan, Netherese and Draconic but despite he was a magic user he socialized mainly with outcast. The magic knowledge grew stronger everyday but a stranger couldn’t archieve anything there.
    Suddenly a missive from north. The news of the war escalation against Zhengyi the Witch-King was worrying. Reyer was recalled to his home country. Again he didn’t meet his father expectations. Bolt from the blue the news about the death of his older brother. Reyer poured all his tears during the exhausting long trip. When he arrived home the war was over but he found his sister married with a damarian lesser noble. The old house was dismissed and his father had given the mine as dowry. They moved to Bloodstone village where all streets and most alleys kept lit after dark with well-maintained lanterns and the city watch foots additional patrols to ensure that Bloodstone’s bureaucratic heart remains healthy. His father faked nobles and lived wealthily while grandfather was next to old age death. Icing on the cake, to keep him far from his sister, Reyer was enlisted in the Praka militia. In the city of the high walls and renowned artisans Reyer felt in a gold cage. At the end of military service he could stay and became a "dog of army". Hoping his father's die to collect at least the nice small house, an empty storage and some cattle. But his curiosity would be annichilited and his powers in chains. So he moved to Peltarch following some rumors about a craftsman called Z willing to become his disciple. Settled nearby he joined as apprentice in the Crafters Union with the mission of learn how survive. He put all his dedication to improve his dexterity in crafting. He died once in the Duergar maze so now is wiser. Archieved a small income he joined as apprentice at the Spellweaver Keep. Here he’s correcting the bad habits taken in the militia, improving his spells, expecially evocation ones, and learning all the possible about Narfell. In the library he found some notes of Attentus, apprentice of Versutus and third Keeper of the Keep: “overconfidence is weakness”. His armor was only an empty metal shell. He is not suited for combat and his armor gave him only false overconfidence. He decided to dismiss and donated it to the Norwich guards. His father wanted a fighter but Reyer chose the wizardry way. Vigorous but ugly. Clever but weird. Curious but shy. He knows a lot of things but he take a long time to remember them. He masters languages but he had difficoult to interact with more than one or two persons at time. Constantly struggling himself between his will of indipendent and his need to follow someone. Reyer don’t speaks much but listens.

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