Dozer Mantleborne seeking rental of Small Peltarch Apartment

  • Looking at an old listing ( of available apartments at the Peltarch Bottleneck Apartments (in the Docks District), it looks like there may be a couple of 2-room rentals available for 150 Gold.

    1. How do I go about getting one for my character?
    2. Does it include at least one persistent chest?
    3. Can a get a bunch of keys for the door and chest and hand them out to folks in my gambling group?


  • @metagod Ah, I retract this. Moonlighters has quietly fallen apart and that was the main reason for a communal chest in an apartment in Peltarch. Additionally, Dozer has since moved to Norwick.

  • I had requested apartment #1 for Vick but I cannot find the thread anymore. Please feel free to let someone else have it if they want it.

  • There seems to be an apartment with a storage for rent now if you are still looking

    1. There are but they are occupied and I don't know by who .
    2. No.

    As a follow up. DrD is working on a new apartment system with new maps etc but it's unlikely they will have ps.
    Also in the works is another droibo type shop in the other cities to make ps more accessible to others.

  • @metagod - Caling no longer needs Apt 4 in Bottleneck, Peltarch - if that's any use

  • Thanks Meta,

    Couple follow ups then:

    1. Are there available apartment rentals that have existing persistent storage to them, so that nothing would need to be added to the module?
    2. Is an apartment considered to be a rest area?

    Cheers - Kerby

    1. Ask any dm in game.
    2. PS costs extra and will require waiting for it to be added to the module which can take time. Assume several months as it's very low priority.
    3. Apt comes with 2 keys, additional keys cost extra at dm discretion.