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    Astolfo Furioso
    Age: 27
    Height: 6’1
    Weight: 206 pounds
    Skin Tone and texture: Slightly tanned with healthy skin tone and texture and laugh and smile lines around his eyes.
    Eyes: A light blue.
    Hair (Color & Style): Shaggy but well kept black hair.
    Accent: Waterdeep.
    Recognizable Features: Tattoos whirl up his arms symbols all surrounded by roses and vines.
    Commonly spoken languages: Common.
    Race: Human
    Equipment: Astolfo always wears his holy symbol of Sune around his neck and rare is the time you do not see him without his lyre. At rest, he is often seen wearing well made and comfortable, if somewhat fashionable questionable clothing. When Astolfo is clad for battle it is in finely made steel armor with a matching steel shield both adorned with the emblem of the Order of the Ruby Rose. A glowing Crimson hand and a half sword with a blooming Ruby Rose pommel hangs at his side and a strange obsidian one hangs across his back.
    Description: Tall, well muscled and handsome, Astolfo is usually always smiling and laughing. Astolfo attempt to be the embodiment of military prowess, loyalty, honor, generosity, and good manners.
    Left Handed or Right Handed: Right-handed.
    Jewelry or Decorations: A small but finely made holy symbol of Sune hangs around his neck, and he wears an unadorned gold wedding ring on a leather thong around his neck. A gold signet Ring for House Furioso is dominated on his hand.
    Relatives: Astolfo’s Mother, 7 older living sisters, wife and daughter (Whom he rarely if ever has spoken of) all still live in Waterdeep.
    Body Build: Muscular and well proportioned.
    Theme Music: Rose Tattoo by Dropkick Murphy
    Fight music: TURISAS - Stand Up And Fight