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    General Description

    Autumn is young. She is very tall for an Elven woman, standing as tall as many human men. She’s broad shouldered, with large sheathes of unkempt blonde hair full of braids and feathers. Her eyes are almond shaped and hint at a strong Sy-Tel’Quessir ancestry

    Clothing and Equipment

    Auburn wears rustic and utilitarian clothing about town. When traveling or adventuring she wears a set of crafted light leather adorned with runes. She has a nice belt, an amulet, and a cloak with runes of protection. A ring with strong protection runes adorns her right hand. She wears a set of well crafted archery gauntlets. On her head is a hair piece made of gold chains, two feathers, and a diamond. What stands out is her bow. It’s very old by its design, perhaps a restored antique. It’s as long as she is tall, and is crafted in laminated heavy woods and horn.


    Autumn tends to hang in the back of the ranks, using her powerful bow to take down high priority targets. She’s reasonably stealthy, and moves from cover only to shoot. The bow is powerful enough to take down small or wounded opponents with one arrow when shots are properly placed.


    She can whistle quite well, mimicking the sounds of birds or other noises. Some of the tunes she whistles are quite catchy, and pick up the spirits of comrades in battle.

    She claims to speak the languages of the Aril-Tel’Quessir and Dragons

    Her real name is Yavie, which when translated from Tel’Quessir to trade speech means “Autumn”, hence her name