Build 905J

  • Narfell DM


    • Bardic armor benefits applied on log-in.
    • Claire at Lucky Ferret given the right intro quest variable.
    • Rogue class journal now more roguish.
    • Dead Rust Monsters shouldn't touch attack.
    • Spawners account for DM time-shifts, and random encounter resets should not disappear the area spawns.
    • NPCs for DM Rust.


    • Added !cloak and !helm commands to hide them
    • Added 'equippable' vanity scabbards and quivers, purchasable in-game
    • Fixed previewing items in the Peltarch - Commerce District's PS Shop
      at the Bazaar
    • Added !help command descriptions for !hood, !helm and !cloak
    • Implemented functionality for merchant_cleaner to make exceptions for
      certain item tags
    • Small potential exploit security fix


    • Shop tweaks
    • Splines reticulated