The White Witch

  • The elements rained down for what seemed like hours, before the scorched land couldn't take the abuse any longer. An entire army of bakemono lay waste within the ruins. The old wizard of Kara Tur , collects the spoils of war. Kicking the remains of what once was a blanket aside, he reaches down scouping the child, and its basket smiling. "Perhaps even a better conduit of the weave then myself. I therefore name you Starla, as you have survived the many shooting stars.

    The tower was in pristine shape. Everything in its place , with a place for everything. A precise amount of ink to write the pages of parchment stacked upon the desk. All the books upon the shelves were in alphabetical order, as were the bottles within their cabinet. A suitable amount of components and regents were organised upon an alchemist table, for further study, with complete labels, upon numbered tablets. A pair of common sandals rest beside the doorway.

    A beautiful young lady walks into the study interrupting its perfection, knocking over a bottle of ink upon the parchment leaking across the teakwood desk to the marble floor.
    " You wanted to see me sir, uhm, Master Wu?" she asks glancing to the mess .
    "Yes, indeed I did." The old man speaks waiting patiently for her to gather her wits. "Today is the day you get to go to your home, Norwick."
    "Oh Yes!" Excitement followed by laughter and a cheer, propels Starla closer to master Wu.
    "These are your papers that was within your basket when I found you. I took the liberty of maintaining them within this fine bone scroll tube. They should last for some time if kept within." Concerned eyes glance to Starla like a worried father. "I have packed you a bag with some things you may need, and there is some gold coin as well, from your home, which should help." The old man grabs his walking stick escorting Starla to the docks, and smiles as if some weight has been lifted from his shoulders.

    It was a nice looking ship, it was. Time, weather and age, slows most things down, but not this ship. It was worked hard and still fairly sturdy, and better then most ships of its time, if any are even left around. A few tassels of rope ends would snap in the brisk breeze, but it was no bother for this old beast. The bow and hull were strong, almost as if wear and tear reinforced it. " Welcome aboard the DragonSai my lady. Ticket please?" A half drunk sailor sways staring lustfully at the veluptuous figure upon the petite frame.
    "Uhm Oh Yes! Here is my ticket" Ice blue eyes catch the drunken sailor off gaurd, " NIce junk you have." she exlaims looking over the boat. He stumbles for the ticket falling over the rail engulfed by the sea. Rough waters, and a cold wind never stopped the DragonSai before, and he will be sailing with or without the entire crew.

    Along journey across the seas, kept a scared child locked in her room. All the sailors were different out in open sea. Helping the ships cook to clean up got a good meal, and a secure friend. She had the stow away, Kitty too. Kitty had soft silky black fur, and deep green cat eyes. A few good meals and Kitty grew a little, learning to skulk around, away from the pirates.

    The flag of skull and cross bones was raised, and the DragonSai sailed fluently through the waters, heading from shore up river. " Fire cannon!" The first mate shouted. " We are the river pirates! We come for your women! We come for your children! we come for your gold! Arrrr matie!! Grab the White Witch!!! She will slay them with us!!"

    The cabin door opens abruptly at the near same time a cannon fires. A startled Starla jumps in panic, looking to the intruders, before being dragged on deck. The ship was already on fire, and its sails were near useless. A large hole in the hull welcomed river water across the keels bracing, without resistance. Starla bursts out screaming in a struggle. " This is not right!!" That was almost the last thing that the white witch spoke before the club hit the back of her head.

    The captain stands proudly over his prize, as she lay their near dead. " Board the ship, you scurvy dogs. Plunder what we can, The reward is ours for the taking." Barrels of oil and various alcohols gather upon the deck of the ship, as crew members transfer goods to the DragonSai. " Now for my reward." Diabolic eyes hover over Starla , the white witch, before a black streak of silk fur invades the captains space.

    A simple growl from Kitty was enough to awaken Starla, as she jumps to her feat. There was no other choice she had to use magic. Fire would burn the barrels and perhaps give her time to escape. It was difficult to tell if the white witch was using the weave, or if the weave was using her. Either way a spark flared from her finger tips, as the captain lunged forward.

    The open barrel of black powder for the cannon caught wind of the spark, and catalysed instantly. One explosion led to another, as barrels of oil, Brightsteel Rum, and black powder ignite. An interruptive Kitty intercept the angry captain, before the explosions lunged Starla to the mercy of the river.

    A blurry Master Wu hovers over Starla laying on the rivers edge of Norwick. " Get a crystal ball It will guide you. You will be alright. You will be alright"
    "Miss? Are you alright?" A dreamy Master Wu fades into a Norwick guard extending a helping hand. " Can I help you up?"
    "Thanks for that." Starla responds accepting a hand up. "I am Starla."
    "Welcome to Norwick Starla. Can I see your papers please?"