Build 905I(2)

  • Narfell DM


    • Added door_locksync
    • Only attached to one door so far, the Spellweaver Main Gate, as a test case.
    • Narfell North Gate and Spellweaver Courtyard maps.
    • !hood command (inc-hoodswap.nss)
    • !d2 command
    • /l common
    • !speak + /l language double-send bug fix


    • Peltarch intro quests added. Start location moved to Docks for new PCs.
    • Using poison on weapons will poison the user on a failed Dexterity check.
    • Revised Peltarch Lighthouse interior imported.
    • NPCs for DrDreadlock
    • Spawners use a queue instead of DelayCommand(), with smarter checks at time of spawning, in the hopes that will stop spawn doubling.
    • Noticeboard: fixed post removal bug, changed the Peltarch Scribe's voice.
    • NPC remains will not self-destruct on open when empty.
    • Minor improvements to some DM menus.
    • Adjustments to some random encounters.


    • Added stealth status on examine.
    • Player guide help requests will now announce through a bot in PG Discord channel as well as in-game.