Talin Al'ak

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    Race: Human
    Age: Mid Twenties
    Height" 5'10"
    Weight: 185lbs.
    Eyes: Dark Hazel
    Hair: Black
    Skin: Dark complected, light brown


    A handsome man of obvious Amnian descent, he has an athletic build but not particularly bulky. However, he carries a large pole arm across his back as well as several other weapons, magic bags, and pouches. In battle, he is often times heard reciting his own poetic works, urging all allies in his vicinity to fight harder.


    Talin is originally from Athkatla, not much is known about his past, but he was reared on the streets and is not from a wealthy household. When queried on his background and past, he will tell people that he was simply a poet and waiter, working at Inns and taverns to scrape by a living. Bored with the monotony of his lackluster career Talin leaves the City of Coin, exploring Fearun in hopes of inspiring his muse, and live a life that will echo in the annals of history.


    To become a renowned poet, making a fortune either through his fame or his work in the Onyx Brigade.