New Player

  • Hi all
    I'm new in NWN2

    I would make a crafter character and I ask advice for race/class/skills
    I'm looking for characters who could teach me ingame too

  • Sure, just find Z IG and we can talk about it.

  • Im in Peltrad.
    I heard about Z in Norwick
    Can I become apprentice?

  • Hello, welcome to Narfell.

    I play a crafter IG, so I could probably give you a few tips. However, there are so many variables, it's better to just get IG and play. This is a role-playing server, so pick a character race, class, etc. that you'll enjoy playing. Pretty much anyone can be a crafter.

    First tip, the crafting skills do NOT function in Narfell, so don't take them for that purpose (I think one of them has to do with getting extra languages).

    Strength is not required, but it is helpful to have (or cast). Tools, logs, ore, etc. are heavy and will slow you down. It's nice to be able to carry, at least, a little weight before getting encumbered. None of the stats really affect crafting, as far as I know, so just make your character how you want.

    There is a crafters guild based out of Norwick called the Crafters Union, but there are many independent crafters, as well. Again, it's up to you how you play your character. That said, if you want to join the Crafters Union, I'd avoid making an evil character because we won't let him/her into the guild...if we know.

    See you IG!


  • I'm not into crafting, so I can't speak for that.

    First, we are using NWN1, not NWN2

    Second, in Narfell any race and class can craft. However, caster classes have an advantage in crafting. You don't NEED a caster class, but if you have the spells you're trying to imbue then it's less expensive in both cost and XP to craft. But in order to enchant something you need a high quality item, and that's where the crafting comes in.

    Also in Narfell, the resources required to craft very good items are usually in dangerous areas. You'll need a small group of people to back you up.

  • G'day!

    Our server is for the first Neverwinter Nights game, namely the enhanced edition. If you feel like downloading that, we have plenty of resources for you to create a crafter character. 😄