Halloween 2018 Zombie Apocalypse Spooktacular

  • WHEN: October 31st, 2018 at 9:30pm Eastern Time
    WHERE: Meet at Heroes' Bluff
    WHY: Because I want to
    LEVEL RANGE: Positive Numbers
    ALIGNMENTS: idgaf

    So since tomorrow's Halloween, I want to run another Zombie Apocalypse because people seemed to enjoy the one I did last year. For the uninitiated, THIS IS AN OOC EVENT. That's not to say that you aren't expected to remain in character for the event, but rather that there simply won't be any long-term consequences past this event in particular. Your character will die, but you will get TR's. Dying is the point. Nothing in this event will tie into any larger ongoing plotlines in Narfell, and honestly after the event is over your characters won't remember any of the unspeakably horrific things you'll have done to each other. If you're a paladin you won't be penalized for playing with evils. If you're a cleric you won't be penalized for healing folks whose alignments conflict with yours.

    The rules are simple: The players will be defending a town under siege by an overwhelming horde of undead. As player characters die, they will be added to the horde and will be joining in successive waves of zombies, until all PC's are dead. This could go on for an hour, this could go on for three hours. It all depends on who shows up! At the end of the night, zombie or no, you all get TR's and none of the deaths permanently affect your PC. This is all in good fun!

    The only thing that WILL carry into IC stuff? PRIZES. At the end of the night, everyone gets a commemorative Halloween Costume. Prizes of actual use beyond just cosmetic will also be given to the last adventurer standing, the zombie who kills the last adventurer standing (if it's a PC), and based on other criteria that I probably honestly won't decide on until the very last minute. At least one prize will be given simply by lottery. We will be using the same prize rules I did last year, where you're given a point value to build to per our enchanting rules, with the stipulation that the item must be obviously Halloween-themed.

    Additionally, if another DM wants to volunteer to help me run this, an extra pair of hands would be greatly appreciated!

  • Narfell Developer

    Damn this sounds awesome and bummed I can't make it

  • Last year was a blast have fun

  • holy crap this sounds amazing

    defo want to protect from zombs on filfboi

  • I'll definitely try to make this; I had a blast last year.

    *Newly undead, he still smells of hinnish pastries and pancakes. *

    Giiinnngerrrr…. * moans *

    Good times!

  • You set them to hostile and you get set as non-hostile to the NPC undead horde, Darkspyr

  • So you do not have to do it in game can we get some clarification on what happens when you die and become a zombie. How do the defenders recognize you as a zombie. What skills you have as a zombie. etc.....

  • Very nice