A dark sermon

  • A night or two after the attack on the Hold, the temple of Mask is a bit more abuzz than normal, a small gathering of refugee dwarves gathered there, looking at the cloaked and robed figure standing at the altar. A cold, detached, emotionless, though distinctly feminine voice comes from behind the dark mask covering her face. A darkened metal hand mirror is grasped in her left hand, which twists with visions of gold, gems and darkness, occasionally a pair of beady red eyes peering out from within its dark depths.

    "You come here to hear the promises of wealth and security I have to give in the name of the Shadowlord. I am one of the proven priestesses here, I have learned His teachings and with them, I have come to prosper handsomely. So here you are, displaced, lost, scared, and worried. You are a hardy people, yet even those who are most hardy can need help and guidance. So sit, relax, and listen to the words I speak, to learn of the ways of the Master of All Thieves."

    She takes a moment to let them settle, a small smile hidden behind her mask.

    "First, the world is full of riches, it is full of profits to be made. As the Lord of Shadows dictates, possession is nine-tenths of what is right. This means to us that whatever we see fit to take we can, and whatever we possess is rightfully ours. Though it does not mean take everything. Take what is most important, take what is required, and take what will cause the most impact for either yourself or others. Rest assured though, there is little that is outside our grasp."

    "Secondly, everyone and everything is a tool. We are all tools for Mask to use as he sees fit, and his machinations span far and wide, large and small. The shadows and darkness are one of our most important tools, learn and use them well. Learn to avoid the light, yet do not embrace every darkness. Sensibility and knowing when to use what is important."

    She pauses, looking at her mirror a moment before addressing them once more.

    "And finally... honesty is for fools. Seeming honesty is a valued tool that can be used time and time again. Subtlety is most vital of all. We wear masks, we address each other in secret. Secrets are kept, words are manipulated, and intentions are mislead. And so we will end this sermon with a most vital lesson..."

    At this, the priestess waves her robed hand out, three daggers falling from her robes and clattering on the floor randomly before the seated dwarves.

    "You come here because kin could not protect you, they could not offer you security, safety, and most of all coin. Your kin still up there will suffer, they will know hardships that you will choose not to face. You have next to you someone who carried the last of their life's possessions down here to start anew. This is where you start... for those of you who are quick of wit or hand, I offer you these daggers to take from the one seated next to you. Fill your coinpurse with those you can take from, and let their blood show your devotion to Him and your own security."

    With that, the priestess steps back, a turn of her hand mirror causing undead shades to slip from the mirrors lining the chapel, and a few of her other faithful go to guard the door. The first dwarf to either flee or charge anyone beside a dwarf is made a quick example of by the priestess's powerful death magic, and the sound of bloody death fills the temple air.

    Once the carnage is done, she has the corpses pulled back into the back room for later reanimation into shadows. She then addresses the bloodied few survivors.

    "Brothers, sisters. You have learned quick and you have learned well. Tonight you profit. I invite you to pray, pay your tithe, and then be on your way to become blooded within this fine city. And as ever, walk in the shadows, for they are ~always~ watching."

    And with that, her sermon was done.

  • And as for chronological order it goes:
    Attack on Dwarven Hold
    Meddling IG immediately after attack with other PCs present
    My posts in rumors (Both Norwick and Oscura)
    The sermon
    Further sightings in Dwarven Refugees thread

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    at the mention of the master of thieves half of the dwarves get up to leave. By the time the sermon is done only two dwarves have the clerics full attention, one monk listened but did not seem to do anything, and 4 dwarves were killed