A Council on the Duergar

  • Ravens bearing news of another council reach leaders of Narfell, representatives from Aura Runedar, and those who have been active in the fight against the duergar. Word spreads quickly to others.

    When the windrider takes the speaking stone before those gathered, she does not stand long. "I am less informed on this matter than I should be, but even outsiders in the conflict can see the danger has only increased since the attacks began. We should offer our appreciation to those who have remained vigilant. Please, speak. Share what you can here among us. Let us know what aid we can provide."

  • Following a Chat between Thorin and the Legion a new way to strike back at the Duergar was considered. Theon will try and cast scrying and Greater Scrying on Tiberius the Twice Hanged since we learned his name from the duel and attack on the hold. Thorin is planning on having air walked prepared to follow the Duergar swiftly. Any help with tracking or other divination methods would be appreciated.

  • Caling ambles in to observe.

    Unless you get any dwarves actually showing up and taking an interest, you'll learn very little. Maybe we should go to them?
    As far as i know - The Duergar really wanted to kick over the Hold. And they did.

    Was it just racial enmity? The Duergar did put a lot of effort in.

  • Keerla arrives and finds a comfortable place to observe the discussions.

  • As usual, Leena appears soon at Aoth's side, to also hear the goings on, updates, and plans.