Dwarven Refugees

  • In the days following the aftermath of the Hold's collapse, the dwarven refugees were somber and scattered in Norwick's East Valley. Darai Goodfist, the Council of Moradin's senior arcane member, gathered them as best she could but they had lost too much and were leaderless. However, after Thorin Goldenaxe gave an inspirational speech and swore to lead them in the effort to reestablish themselves in Narfell, the gloomy refugees pledged to follow his guidance and elected him as their leader and representative. The effects of Thorin's encouragement were almost immediate - the dwarves who were licking their wounds acquired a renewed vigor and immediately set to work doing Thorin's bidding, looking forward to the chance to avenge their fallen kin and homestead once again.

  • Shiney Battlemail gives a warm smile and kiss on the forehead to all her kin as she gathers her belongings for the long trek to Ironspur where her Grandfather resides. She promises to return one day to provide Aura Runedar the support her any kin she can convince to join her and will spread the word of the Council’s plight to any dwarf she meets along the way. After a final prayer among her people to Berronar, she sets out for the long journey alone.

  • "Oscura has made un peace treaty with tha dirty gray bastard. Thas true. As much as oid love me brethrin tee join me in being Blooded, thaa also means you kin nay take revenge for tha hold falling. My hands are tied here lad an lasses, as are the rest of me clan." -Gibs Skullkrusher, Peackeepr of Oscura say so the counsel. ((If I wanted to petition the leader of the Skullkrusher what DM would I send my questions to?))

  • Thorin turns to Brumir and nods in agreement

    "Aye Brumir,Gibs cin look fer tis case an' tell us who them be. Tis way we be decidin' tha best course 'f actions."

    Then he sets course for the Mermaid,trying to find Negan.

  • Negan may or may not be found at the Mermaid in Peltarch. Working well on the second month of an incoherent drunken stupor. If found, he acknowledges no one or nothing except a fresh pint of ale placed in front of him. It is unknown as to what knowledge he has about the recent events.

    "Fark off!"

  • Upon hearing of this, Brumir speaks with Thorin and Shiney

    "This person er thing er wutever in tha dark robes seems ta be frum Oscura accordin' ta tha other kin. Maybe Gibs knows it? Ain't nay way Gibs would approve o sumthin' like this."

  • As the rumor eventually makes its way to Shiney Battlemail, the Hold’s priestess of Berronar, she gives an amused smirk and speaks in a tone loud enough for all those nearby to hear.

    “Oh, aye. Nothing dwarves love more than bein’ coddled and told ye can live a soft life in a human city. All fer the low price of turnin’ tail and beggin’ the grays fer their renown mercy. No thanks and bugger off. Yer not dealin’ with men or elves. We welcome and thrive in the toil and strife that is necessary to deliver our children a future that no gray kissin’ Oscurans could ever hope to match. We are dwarves and it will take a bit more than an offer of comfort to persuade the children o’ Moradin an Berronar away from their true path.”

    With that, the female dwarf leads a prayer chant among her people with her head held high.

  • Thorin upon hearing of the presence and the offer of the masked figure,he gives the refugees a reassuring speech that safety is top priority of the council and the creating of their new home will be the safest by far. He also gives orders to the remaining Hammers of Moradin and Axes of Clangeddin to demand identification before they let anyone approaches the refugees again for such matters. Additionally he starts organizing investigation about this masked figure and any outsider who interferes with the kin's future.

  • As the nights went by, whispers of shelter, security and wealth spread through the displaced dwarves, often accompanied by the sighting of a dark robed, masked figure moving through the outskirts. Talk of a truce with Oscura and immunity from the hostile dark dwarves' attacks for any who become blooded in the Forgotten City... as well as opportunities for coin should they seek the temple...

  • A young dwarven female in polished chain mail and silver robes walked side by side with a tall female wearing dark hides and equipped with a large bow and scythe. They each carried steaming crates full of Grag’s chicken from the Grapevine, along with several leather bags of badger jerky. The two handed out a warm lunch to each and every dwarven refugee and made sure none were immediately lacking in any necessities before taking the boat North to Peltarch.