A stolen horse (And an... ox?)

  • Morgan Azzen of the Peltarch Guard reaches out to the community to come forward with any information on a missing horse. The horse, as Morgan seems to emphasis, was part of an active investigation and whoever stole it (on top of the obvious charges) is facing obstruction of justice. After that, Morgan also seems to ask if anyone has information on an ox seen in the mermaid, and warns citizens not to be careless around it. After all, oxes can be dangerous.

  • Narfell DM

    Besides some commoners that walked that day in the streets, people leaving the Festhall, drunkards from the Mermaid that thought they were dreaming as they spotted a heavy warhorse galloping slowly and practically alone towards the Docks District (even Hector Hobbins was baffled as he claims he was locking his home door to buy some vegetables from the market then watched perplexed the beast going on its own), stevedores, people leaving the Lighthouse Temple (Lathanderites, Tymorans, Mystrans, Valkurites), added to all that women of the night, pedestrians. . . Besides all that people of Commerce and Docks Districts that claim having seen a warhorse galloping at a low pace through there streets, two remarkable figures, Captain Sticks and the Harbormaster, approach the Peltarch Guards to give a more relevant declaration:

    Captain Sticks: "Aye, all that horse night show reduced when a male elf insisted to the Harbormaster and I to take him and the beast in our boat. Something 'bout freeing teh animal from a prison in Norwick. Who in the worlds would hold a horse on prison. . .? But as the Harbormaster allowed in and I've transported large beasts as oxen before, I didn't ask more questions. Adventurers have such weird requests."

    Harbormaster: "I was confused at first, a horse is not a small creature so I tried to sell the elf a boat ticket fer teh beast. . . I think he was wearing a rather dark leather armor, a antler helmet and a longbow; he was rather nervous, always glancing around as if expecting to be attacked at any minute. But when he came out with the ox argument, I couldn't help but let him thru."