Kossuth Quest

  • For those that Diadne has spoken with, I'm going to use this post to coordinate the dates, times and availability. I've been contacted by the DM, and there are two options --

    1. Saturday October 13th 9am US Eastern (GMT -4)
    2. Sunday October 14th 7pm US Eastern (GMT -4)

    Both work for me

    Thus far the following individuals have volunteered --

    • Thau'lira Zartamba (possible)
    • Tirreth (confirmed)
    • Karrick (confirmed)
    • Thorin Goldenaxe (confirmed)
    • Vick Blake (confirmed)

    DM target is for 6 people levels 8-12, although exceptions can be made. If players can't make it at the chosen time, Diadne will scramble for volunteers before the event.

    Please reply for when you are available.


  • @darkspyr Awesome!

  • Vick has gotten the okay for Saturday morning at 9:00 AM EST US.

  • Hey folks, would this Saturday work better for folks?

    That would be Saturday, October 6th at 9am US Eastern (GMT -4)

    I spoke with the DM, and Vick Blake would be allowed (and recommended)

  • If its switched to this weekend, Karrick would still be available on Saturday at the same time. I also have Monday off so Sunday night at the same time would work as well if I could catch a nap during the day.

  • Either time is good for me! Tirreth is not far off 13, but I have some enchanting to do that should prevent me getting there just yet. XD

  • Romulus has spoken with Diadne, and offers his services if she needs more companions.

    For the weekend of Oct 13-14, Sunday would be better for me, though I might be able to reschedule my Saturday morning plans. This weekend, Saturday evening is definitely out, but otherwise I think I"m OK.

  • Sounds like that weekend is bad for a few people. We could pull it back a bit and do it this weekend?

  • I'll be out of town that weekend and unable to make it. So you best find a replacement for me. Sorry and good luck!

  • @darkspyr Thank you for letting me know. It's probably best that you bow out then as you'll probably level in the 2 week.

    Saturday works best for me regardless, and it's the time Karrick can make it.

    Folks, let's shoot for Saturday if at all possible

  • @robyn said in Kossuth Quest:

    Sunday October 14th 7pm US Eastern (GMT -4)

    This would be the time Vick could make it. I am also going to be pushing the level cap even more (about to level again) so I if I need to bow out that is fine.

  • If Karrick is needed.

    Saturday the 13th is best.
    Sunday the 14th I will have about two hours to play.