For Lease: The Warriors Soul Trade Hall

  • Narfell DM

    In an effort to relieve maintenance costs and employee salaries while current management is unavailable the Town of Norwick has decided to lease the property out.

    Anyone,individual or group, interested can apply for the lease, lease will be awarded to the highest bidder by silent auction. (PM me on the forum or in discord your maximum bid)

    The requirements and stipulations are as followed:

    Primary Lease holder must be a Norwick Resident
    Must not already own property, or hold a stake in any other crafting establishment.
    The trade hall must remain accessible to the public.
    Lease holder agrees that the lease is temporary and property must be vacated should the owner return.

    Bidding on the lease will be for the next month or so (7 days from the time of this post)

    ((OOC Winning bid will be the highest bid bnut not the maximum and will increment by 10k.
    This means if 1 person bids 100k and someone else bids 200k, the higher bidder will get it at 110k so feel free to bid high, all bids will be kept private, and if you want to go in with someone else make sure to let me know there will be multiple owners))

  • Narfell DM

    Sonja Haetta bids 10,000 coin. Her residency to be updated should the bid be won.

  • Upon catching word of the upcoming lease option he scratches his beard, thinking out loud

    Too bad me int got naer coin teh be spending on somethin' like that... wouldn't be un bad deal... ifin it turns un profit, that is

  • Narfell DM

    Note that this is a lease, not a transfer of ownership. That means if the original owners return (i.e. if the player returns), then the property returns to them.

  • ///Yup, you're bad.

    I got the names confused and was thinking about the old Legion location that's also an inn. The Union isn't interested in the other shop.

    Sorry for the misunderstanding.

    P.S. If the Nars inn ever does go on sale, the Crafters Union would be interested (as we would have been the first time it was sold), and I hope it wouldn't be OOCly blocked.

  • ((You're confusing the inn where the old Legion tower was, by the ridge map, with the small crafting house at the east valley of Norwick, at the boat's map.

  • Narfell DM

    The warriors soul isn't an Inn, it's a trade hall that was built with the sole purpose of competing with the Union, the owner would never agree to the Union taking out a lease on the facility nor would the current npc inhabitants

  • There are, at least, eight crafting facilities that I can think of...probably more. The Union owning two of them is hardly a monopoly and completely IC, that's my point. This is a RP server, after all.

    The inn would allow the Union to provide housing to our members and potential members in the future. This would help the Union grow and bring activity to the server overall. I'm pretty sure that's something we all want.

    I realize that some of the DMs and Devs don't like crafting, the Union, or even me (because I have the nerve to question decisions like this), but I don't think it's fair to have these OOC stipulations. And I don't think it's right to OOCly stifle the Union's growth.

    P.S. I know of a DM that owns two crafting facilities. Does he get special treatment because he's a DM?

  • Narfell DM

    @speedy_z_ because the three richest players on the server who each already each own their own crafting facilities, dont need to have a monopoly.

  • ///Why all the OOC stipulations?

  • Ignoring the OOC stipulations, Z ICly offers to take it off their hands and makes a bid to purchase the abandoned inn as a satellite of the Crafters Union.