Sex and Cybering

  • @fraoch once said in a legendary post: A Collection of Rules:

    If you want to roleplay 'sexual' content:
    • Both players must be over 18
    • Both players must consent
    • The activity must take place in a private area
    • It must cease immediately if anyone else walks in on the interaction

    There are legal aspects to our policy on sexual contact. It exists to protect our host and the others ruled responsible for our server.

    No-one should be viewing material of a sexual nature or participating in roleplay of a sexual nature who has not explicitly consented to it.

    Unwanted Sexual Content Policy

    No player may RP any sexual assault, rape, or other unwanted sexual contact at any time. By doing so you will very likely face a swift permanent ban from the server, forums, and IRC as everyone who has done this in the past have faced.

    This issue is not open to debate and we, the DM team, do not care if you think this is unfair or unrealistic. Do not discuss it in IRC or on the forums, as it is not acceptable.

    It is an issue that is not open to any debate and will not be changed.

    Romantic Relationships

    Loving and/or sexual relationships have always been part of Narfell. However, please be aware that these will have IC consequences and reactions, not just from those you’d expect.

    If you are not happy about these consequences you should not be entering into these relationships. We trust that all players who do so are mature enough to deal with the role play associated. These are in character interactions and should be kept as such.

    Cybering does nothing to contribute to the community. If a player is logging on primarily to engage in this activity they should not expect to earn or retain a Citizen Token.

    Of course Citizen Tokens are no longer a thing but remember Narfell is a Dungeons and Dragons Roleplaying Server with a Hardcore difficulty setting. Narfell is never going to be a Social Server.

    Expect to see Bob the Anti-Cyber balor at some point.

    And lastly:

    The over 18 years old is a RULE not open to debate.