Spellweaver Keep Mages Fair

  • Narfell DM

    Spellweaver Keep will be doing a recruitment and Mages fair tomorrow for most of the day. Anyone interested in attending need simply show up throughout the day. Vendors are encouraged to come and sell any magical wares they have gathering dust. Any vendors wishing to rent space for a stall the fee will be 100 gold and will come with secure storage space for the day, they may also hire someone to operate their stalls for them.

    Various events will be held throughout the day and staff will be on hand to answer any questions or give tours.

    ((wednesday all day event so that all timezones can be in attendance. if anyone want to leave their merch with npc to sell/trade have a list ready and posted here with prices and ill collect everything in game during the event))

  • Narfell DM

    Mage Fair Consignments

    Death Ward Potion - 400 gold by Erurk Sold
    Greater Endurance Potion - 300 gold Erurk

    Caling Rydrions Stall

    Wand of Missiles(3) 37 charges- 1000
    (2)Cure Serious Wounds x3 - 450 Gold
    (2)Potion of Resist Elements x3 - 300 gold
    (3) Aid Potion - 100 gold
    Potion of Clerity x3 - 300 gold
    Potion of Endurance x3 - 300 gold
    (3) Potion of Bulls Strength x3 - 300 gold
    Potion of Ghostly Visage x3 - 300 gold

    Chaevre's Stall
    Prices negotiable

    Scrolls (Arcane)

    Protection from Alignment
    Mage Armor
    Ray of Enfeeblement
    Ghouls Touch
    Ghostly Visage x 3
    Knock x2
    See Invisibility
    Find Traps x2
    Clairaudience/Clairvoyance x2
    Evards Black Tentacles x2
    Bestow Curse
    Greater Shadow Conjuration
    Mind Fog

    Scrolls (Divine)

    Negative Energy Ray x5
    Inflict Light Wounds
    Inflict Moderate Wounds
    Prayer x2
    Animate Dead
    Call Lightning
    Invisibility Purge
    Spell Resistance


    Owl's Wisdom x2
    Cat's Grace x3
    Mage Armor x3
    Bulls Strength x6
    Ghostly Visage x3


    Dark Axe (+2 Negative Energy, Evil) - Greataxe
    Scourge Dart (47) (+1d4 Negative Energy, Evil) - Darts
    Ogre Throwing Axe(50) (+1 AB, +2 Fire) - Throwing Axe


    Blackened Chain Mail (+1 AC, 5/- Piercing DR, -4 Save vs Poison, Chaotic, Evil) - Chain Shirt
    Wrathmail (5/- Negative DR, +6 Intimidate, Evil) - Chain Mail
    Bandit Sheath (25% Vulnerability Piercing and Slashing, -3 Will, +4 Hide, +4 Move Silently) - Padded


    Wizard's Robe (-1 Charisma, +2 Intelligence, Wizard) - Clothing
    Women's -Winter Long- (5/- Cold DR) - Clothing
    Shadows of Hate (Hide +2) - Clothing
    Gloves of Discipline (+3 Discipline) - Gloves


    The Savage (-1 Charisma, +3 save vs Fear, +4 Intimidate, +4 Taunt)


    Orcish Wand (Acid Splash(1) 5 Charge/Use, 20 Charges) - Wand Bard/Sorc/Wiz
    Rough Spell Crystals x5
    Spell Crystal x2