*A darkness rising* ((Bane))

  • *Rumours spread around Oscura and Narfell that the Church of Bane, notably a Priestess named Liriana has started to equip all those within the Nars who pledge themselves before Banes alter armour and weapons and gold.

    It would appear that the Dreadlord Liriana is making those who pledge themselves to the Black Fist well equipped and she is willing to speak to seasoned adventurers and those who wish to seek a new path in life.*

    ((If anyone wants to make a new Banite PC or any evilish aligned PC let me know!))

  • Furthermore, whispers and rumors float about along with the opened doors to the Banite life, that the Church of Mask, an ally with the local Church of Bane, is willing to offer work for mutual benefit and profits.

    The added rumor does not seem to put emphasis on conversion to either faith, though one could assume better pay for proper devotion.