Notice of Warning, Delivered to various authorities around Narfell...

  • Narfell Developer

    Sealed letters bearing the insignia of Spellweaver are seen delivered to various authorities around Narfell, either by a messenger or Tirreth Dae'Maem himself. Inside, the letter reads as follows...

    Attention: Leaders & Defenders of Narfell,

    As you may have already heard, recently there have been a number of attacks reported by small bands of duergar bearing the mark of Deep Duerra. The attacks have escalated significantly in the past two days, and saw the Troff Legion forces encamped at the Silver Valley build site assaulted by a very large force.

    The attack force consisted of several dozen armed warriors and good ratio of casters amongst their ranks to fortify them. They have been seen to be capable of casting invisibility spells, various offensive magics, along with the possibility to see through invisibility, and both the warriors and their support are to be considered hostile and deadly to any unprepared.

    A letter was retrieved from one of the slain soldier's possession, translated from undercommon by Spellweaver's preeminent lorekeeper, Bingo Bings. The contents were found to have stated that the intended assault target was that of the Dwarven Hold. Further, there was suggestion in the letter of turmoil in the deurgar's ranks with the arrival of a faction reffered to as 'Vakdens', which in some manner have had their presence sanctioned by the duergar king. Finally, the letter seemed to refer to the the intended recipient and its author as 'Durthar', and made mention of not trusting 'the new guys'.

    Please see that this information is passed on accordingly to sub-ordinates and lore keepers, so that future threats to the stability of the region may be assessed and prepared for accordingly.

    Tirreth Dae'Maen, Spellweaver Keep

    The letter was seen delivered to at least the following guilds and organisations:

    • Norwick Beurocrats, Militia & Scouts
    • Dwarven Hold
    • Council of Moradin (?)
    • Peltarch Defenders, Knights & Guard
    • Cerulean Knights
    • Far Scouts
    • Bardic College
    • Troff Legion
    • Circle of Quercatha Terr
    • Wolves
    • Phoenix (?)

    An additional copy of the letter was included in each envelope, for the recipients to distribute as needed.

  • General Theaon can be seen issuing orders to the Legionnaires at the western entrance of the Bluff to hold the line against any future Duergar attacks and to not pursue them into the Nars.

  • Faelar receives the envelope and opens it immediately. Reading over it, he realizes these are not random encounters. He too, has encountered grey dwarves in unusual places lately.

  • Eilonna receives the letter and sends it directly to Hannibal