Reemul De'Costa

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    A faded spark or a raging inferno.

    A history of Reemul De'costa

    Name- Reemul De'costa
    Profession-Dandy, fop, rake, perveyer of fine arts and litriture
    Father- Regulas De'Costa age-52
    Mother- Quenci De'Costa age-45
    Siblings-Brothers-1/2 brother Eldin De'costa age-32. 1/2 brother Rimmil De'Costa age-28. Full brother Rhugo De'Costa age-26.

         Sisters-1/2 half sister Embra De'Costa age-30. Twin 1/2 sisters Gigio and Gwenn De'Costa age-25 Regulas first wife Embri died during their birthing.
                 Full sister Racee De'Costa age-16 Full sister Ruby De'Costa age-14

    The De'Costa family has roots deep in the past of Narfell and the region known as Norwick. The family traces its roots back to a tribal chieftan named
    Bearwick the Coaster, a known raider of the rivers in the times around -170 DR. In approximatly -150 DR the family name took its new form De'Costa, little is know
    how or why this came to pass. Much speculation revolves around the end of the Conflaguartion, or even the setteling of the Lake of Mist other speculation places the family
    having been involved in some of the demonic conflicts of the time, though no evidence is known to say which side of the conflicts the now De'Costa family may
    have supported.

    The De'Costa family name grows and wains in influance throughout history, untill today, the family is well off some might say wealthy. The family buisness seems
    to be farming as well as fur trade. Regulas De'Costa rules his family as it iron patriarch, though is known to dote on his youngest daughter Ruby, she is clearly
    the gem of his eye. Eldin De'Costa oversees the familys affairs in fur trade is is often far from the family estates. On counter, Rimmil De'Costa oversee's
    the families farming intrests as well as overwatching the indentured farmers working on the outskirts of some of the families properties. Rhugo De'Costa has
    taken to watch over the family's small mercinary force which comprises the estate guards as well as those who watch over the farmlands surounding it, occasionaly
    repelling raiding goblins or other menaces that may appear.

    Embra De'Costa has married a family trading partner who deals in quarried stone in Vilhon Reach. Gigio and Gwenn the twins, are a handful. these two though still living at the family estates from time to time have taken to the life of adventurers always working together on any endeavor. The youngest sisters Racee and Ruby are still under their mothers watchful eye, educating them in everything from etiquette to alphabet.

    Reemul De'Costa lived a good life as a child, if not somewhat spoiled. He has always had a penchant for mischief and was more then a handful for his parents, as well as his neighbors. Reemul being the youngest, his father looked to have him trained as a mage, though a love for reading and learning took well, the aptitude and desire to be a mage never did. Reemul took to physical contest with fervor, possibly spured by old tales and history told to him by his Grandmother "Nan" as they call her. Old Nan, still residing at the family estates knew much of the old history of Narfell and regaled Reemul with her tales constantly everything from great heroes and battles to stories of the demon-cysts and the conflicts aroused during that time. The spark her stories lit in him has led him from the studies of magic to his personally hiring a fencing master to train him when he was 16, his father was less then pleased though let Reemul continue with his training. As his training continued, Reemul showed great promise, both in his competence as a fencer but as well as a tactician. As his training continued Reemul with a face scarred by several duels with bullies in Norwick, Reemul decided it was time to move on from fencing and began training under a new master. Fenris Hacken was old now, probably 50, old to Reemul, but he learned to quickly respect the man as his training commenced. Fenris taught him to use heavy plate armor, scimitar and shield and was a brutal tireless teacher. From the age of 20 untill he was 23 Reemul trained under Fenris, Reemul studied hard under Fenris's tutelage and they grew to be fast friends though Reemul suspected Fenris saw him more as a son he might have had if he had not spent his life as an adventurer. Reemul does not know if Fenris stayed on at the family estate or moved on elsewhere after Reemul left home.

    At the age of 23 Reemul had completed his studies under Fenris. He felt it was time to go into the world and travel. His travels led him to a traveling band of bards, Gilthouse Pengiven and his traveling playhouse. Infatuated with the life of these free wheeling individuals Reemul traveled with them for the last year as they toured through Narfell, not exactly following his militant training working as a bouncer of unruly patrons of shows for the Bards as well as helping them set up and take down their small platform upon which they would preform for their customers. During this time, alcohol in large quantities became a daily event for Reemul. and a deep seated love of rum in particular was also adopted. Eventually the traveling playhouse ended up in Peltarch. A city this size Reemul had never seen and he quickly decided this would be his last stop for a time at least. It offered everything he needed, Rum, A bardic college with innumerable plays and texts he could read, A bar with plenty to drink and possibility for adventure to continue honing his skills. That said, he applied and was granted citizenship in Peltarch soon after his arrival shortly after his 24th birthday.

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