Rising Embers - Tale of the Fireborn

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    The massive man lays quietly in the bed, his eyes following the little brass wyrmling as it clings to the wall and crawls up and down chasing a small spider. The little creatures tail flicks back and forth and catches the faintest light from a single candle burning in the far corner; just enough light for Karricks eyes to adjust and follow the ongoing hunt

    "You have become more active, Bass." The little dragon stops its spider hunt and cocks its head to the side as it peers over at Karrick in the darkness "Yes I know. The name Bass isn't perfect but until you tell me your real name, I don't want to keep calling you Little Dragon."

    slowly the little dragon's head turns towards the spider again. The eight legged meal having made its way down to the floor; nestled in the corner and crouching as if trying to hide. The dragon's eyes are sharp and it slowly moves to the floor and almost like a cat ready to pounce makes its way closer and closer to its prey

    "Get him, Bass. Then perhaps I will tell you a bit about myself." Karrick says in a deep yet quiet voice, encouraging the little dragon on with an amused grin spreading across his face

    The time being right; the spider turns to face the wall as if ready to climb back up and out of danger and the little dragon pounces on it. The hunt is over; Bass enjoys his meal of spider legs and slowly crawls back over to the bed and climbs up to join Karrick. As always, with little to distract it now the dragon curls up against Karricks side and lets out a whimper; it's mind likely forced back to the loss of his old companion

    "Everything will be fine, Bass. You will have a good life. The World-Shaper will watch us both." Instead of telling the little dragon anything more, Karrick just places a hand down by its head and scratches lightly at it with a finger to pet it; the dragon letting out a little chirp before settling down and closing its eyes to let sleep free it of the pain inside, if only for the night

    "Sleep well little one." Karrick lets out a breath and closes his eyes, images of the red-haired Kossuthan flooding into his head. Sleep comes for him quickly and for once he greets it with a smile on his face

  • The backroom in the Ferret is quiet, the smell of perfumed women and incense burning hangs heavily in the air as Karrick spoons some fish stew into his mouth. His eyes follow the brass wyrmling as it crawls across the table, it playfully batting a small chunk of meat around before it pounces on it, trapping it between it's two claws hands and gnawing on it happily.

    “Does it taste good, Bass? I think it could use a bit more salt, myself.” The little wyrmling turns it's dark amber eyes towards him, a small chirp coming from him as he turns back to gulp down the rest of the meal.

    “Right, guess it is good." Karrick lets out a deep chuckle. “As promised, I will recount the tales of adventures had. I wish I could bring you on them, but they are far too dangerous for you.”

    Bass claws at the table with his tiny claws, a low rumble coming from his throat in defiance of the danger he might face; Karrick laughs scooping another piece of the fish from the stew bowl and setting in on the table for the small dragon. “When you are older, we will fly the skies together my friend.”

    “So what do you wish to hear about? The Bronze Dragonflight? The inferno of the Holy Fires of Kossuth?” He peers curiously at the wyrmling as he recites the the choices, waiting for any sign of what the dragon might want to hear. Bass tilts his head back and forth as the titles are mentioned but gives no sign as to what preference he may have.

    “Alright, let's start from the beginning then.”

    “The Bronze Dragonflight, not even sure how to explain them.”

    “Another storm rolls over the Jewel. Boom, boom. You can hear the lightning in the distance but the group of ragtag adventurers don't worry so easily about simple storms.”

    “A man walks in, colorful in dress, quick with words. A deck of cards in his hands as he shuffled them with a mischievous grin on his face. Trouble? Likely. Pick a card, any card. The big half orc walks up immediately. His stink of urine and feces; green skin full of warts and puss filled boils!" Karrick stands as tall as he can, hunch-backed as he moves around the table. Grunts escape him on occasion as he mimics the hulking half-orc. “Mez druh cardz!” Karrick sticking a finger in his nose as if picking something out of it; holding the fingers out to Bass who recoils and lets out a hiss. “Mez smurt! Mez Erurk! Huhuhuhuh!”

    “What card did he draw? The other adventurers are curious. They peek slowly around the boil and pimple covered halfer to look. The castle card!" Karrick gasps. “The skinny priestess of the wind god flies about like a raging tornado at the sight! Castle, castle she cries out! Around and around she goes!" Karrick twirls around in circles as the little dragons head follows his movements, letting out a whimper as it staggers a bit, dizzy from watching the twirling man.

    “Our formidable scout enters the picture! Like, what are we doing!” Karrick twirling his hair with a finger, a dumb grin on his face. “I can scout! Yay! I have a bow! Yay!”

    “Now the hero enters, the charming and smooth talking half-dragon. He of course MUST be the true hero. Right? We will get back to him later though. Together the four adventurers wait and suddenly darkness takes them, then a flash of light!”

    "Where are they? They look around slowly and see only mold covered bricks, the sturdy wooden door with a bar filled window in it. A prison? They discuss their plans, but before they can decide the charming and handsome half-dragon rips the door from the wall, giving a small smile back to the two ladies in the group and they swoon, oh how they swoon as they view his muscular frame. The puss covered halfer stands there dumbfounded, then again his finger goes to his nose; finding the intoxicating nibblets inside and delivering it disgustingly right into his mouth. A horrible sight." Bass lets out a soft gagging sound as he curls up into a ball on the table, his eyes focused on Karrick as he tells the story.

    "The Guards outside are stunned, perhaps by the fact that prisoners are escaping, perhaps by the mere presence of the group. The Priestess runs forwardas fast as a gust of wind, excited to see others in their journey and trips over a stone on the floor, tumbling head long into the Guards and all six of the Guards get knocked out the window! Falling to their gruesome deaths!" Karrick holds up his arms and screams out with a fading sound as he pretends to be falling, his arms flailing about wildly as he disappears under the sight of the table. Bass crawls up and peers over the edge of the table at Karrick and lets out a little growl.

    "The halfer goes to the next door, sniffing at the air. His one eye bigger then the other as he peers through the bars. Uh, fudz in dere? He asks and the others make their way to peer into the cell across from them. Prisoners! Yuan-ti, kobolds, lizardmen and saurials all!"

    "We must like.. save them all, the scout declares as she knocks an arrow to her mighty bow and lets loose at the doors! The arrows flying ahead yet the bow flinging back and hitting her square in the face!" Karrick holding out an imaginary bow as he lets the arrow loose then acts like the bow hits him in the face and he stumbles back and hits the wall.

    "Like.. that hurt, the scout says, yet somehow she tripped the mechanism to open all the doors at once! The prisoners are released! Horray! The prisoners rushing out and thanking the group for being their saviors." Karricks voice then deepens, he moves back into the shadows of where the lantern fire hasn't lit up the room, his face cloaked by the darkness in the corner. Bass moves up to the edge of the table, peering at him in anticipation. "But then she appears."

    "Dark robed, eyes of infernal fire. Dragging behind her a dragon of pure bronze, chains grapsed tightly in the woman's hand to around the neck of the mighty creature! You shall not take my dragon! She is here to help create my army! The woman says to the band of adventurers."

    "Release that beautiful creature or face our wrath! The half-dragon making his way to the front of the group and demanding of the woman."

    "Just then it happened." Karrick says softly, letting a long pause build as Bass leans in closer, waiting and watching him.

    "The halfer sneezes and just then the boils on his face pop under the pressure, the green tinged goo flying out and soaking the womans arms. They begin to melt, the skin dripping away and the bone joining the melted pile of body on the floor beneath her. She lets out a scream and falls to her knees!" Karrick drops to his knees and hides his arms behind his back the best her can.

    "Please spare me the woman pleads up to the group. The half-dragon marching forward to her and knocking her to the ground."

    "We shall spare you, we are the heroes after all." Karrick gives a charming smile down to the imaginary woman as he speaks.

    "The dragon is grateful to be free of her bonds and showers the heroes with gifts! The saviors! This is how the Bronze Dragonflight took to the skies once more! This is the story of the great heroes Erurk, Willow, Shesarai and Karrick the mighty!"

    "This may or may not be the full truth." Karrick grins down to the little dragon as it lets out an excited chirp.

    "And now it's time for bed." He scoops the little brass up in his arms and blows out the lantern, placing the little dragon in the bed he made for him then settling into a deep sleep himself.

  • The waves below crash into the cliffs, sending a spray of watery mist up each time to coat Karrick as he swings his heavy pick back and forth, going through his battle stances. The usually awkward and unbalanced weapon is fluid in his hands, his strength lending the proper grip to wield the massive weapon properly.

    "Well Bass, what do you think?" Karrick asks the little brass dragon who has his head sticking out of the backpack on the ground a few feet away. The little dragon just letting out a low rumble from deep in it's throat.

    "It was a Pit Fiend they said. I have never seen one before, so I'll have to take their word for it."

    His swings slow and finally stop; he takes a knee, breathing heavily as he peers out over the Icelace. The view from the cliffs in the hills has always been one of his favorites. The sun beginning to set; the clouds darkening in the distance and lightning strikes hitting down on the water and heading towards the city as cold wind stirs and hits against his soaked flesh and sending shivers through him.

    "A storm. Perhaps we should get you inside." Bass lets out a whimper and crawls across the distance from the backpack to Karricks side, curling up in a ball and peering off at the storm as well.

    "Alright, a bit longer then. So where was I? Ah, yes. It was a pit fiend. Large devil, roaring loudly! Big massive sword swinging!" He stands and holds his arms out; his pick held high as he peers at the little dragon, his voice deepening as he impersonates the devil. "I will eat your soul!" Bass letting out a low rumble and crouches on all fours, his tail flicking back and forth as he looks ready to pounce at Karrick.

    "He struck down with his mighty sword! The adventurers ran! Scrambling to get through the portal and get away from the mighty devil! Just then, as it closed in on the group a few drew weapons and charged! More and more, to secure the escape of the group!

    They get close and yet the mere look of the devil sends some fleeing! Spell after spell is cast! People scream out!" He booms in a deep voice as he tells the story, then suddenly goes back to his normal voice.

    "Then some idiot charges at it again. That idiot being me. It was only a few moments, I froze, I struggled to move at all and then I saw it; the sword striking down and I just closed my eyes and all went dark. Bass letting out another whimper as he tells this part of the story.

    One good thing that came from it was the company that night. I know she was reluctant. I just liked having her near me.

    I may not be a priest, but I have always taken service to the gods seriously and I accept her as she is and the limitations Kossuth puts on her.

    What do you think I should do?" He peers down at Bass as the storm moves in closer, light drops of cold rain hitting Karricks bare chest as he peers up again and watches a few more lightning strikes hit closer and closer to shore. He reaches down and holds out an arm for Bass. The little dragon clinging to his flesh and causing some sharp spikes of pain but Karrick simply ignores it as the dragon climbs to his shoulder and perches there.

    "Let's go home, Bass. Looks like it may be a bad storm."

    Heading back to the city, the storm comes in fully and hovers overhead. The winds pick up and blow Karricks cloak to the side as he walks through the gate. The Guards peer at him and the red scaled tail trailing from him but say nothing and he makes his way to his room at the Ferret to enjoy a hot meal and drink.