Gladiators of Norwick

  • Name: Goliath

    Race: Half-Orc

    Victories: Countless

    Favored Weapon: Greataxe

    Favored Armor: Any


    Goliath towers above men of all sizes and even most of his full-blooded orcish kin. He doesn’t speak, and instead communicates by grunting, roaring, snarling and pointing. He usually has a blank stare or a dumb look in his beady black eyes and a feral leer on his face. His skin is has a greyish-green hue to it and is covered in a crisscrossing patchwork of scars, from thin faded lines of old to fresh puckered wounds. Some say he’s more beast than man, and that he lacks the skills to do anything besides fight with an unholy rage in the Arena for gold and glory. Despite his martial prowess in the Arena, Goliath rarely wins the favor of the crowd, and instead is often looked at as a villain to be defeated and create conflict. Those that get close to him realize he usually has a glazed over look on his face, and seems extremely detached outside of the Arena. Oftentimes, he ignores visitors completely, more focused on picking food from his teeth or smashing the few possessions he has in his room.


    Goliath’s history is shrouded in mystery to the few who care enough to delve in to it. What is known is that Jeremy the Announcer found him fighting in Arena’s in Rashemen and ‘persuaded’ him to come to Narfell to fight in a new arena. It’s quite obvious that Goliath has a certain amount of orcish blood in him, though the exact amount is unknown. In the Arena in Norwick, he is currently the undefeated Champion.

  • Name: Nashtenka

    Race: Human

    Record: 0 wins 2 Loss

    Favored Weapon: Greatsword

    Favored Armor: Any medium or light.


    Sweaty and bloody very frequent. Marked with dirt and war paint in her face, Nashtenka is not shy to show around her muscular build during the spectacle. Her eyes show an endless rage that comes from her Raumviran lineage. She remains quiet most of the times, only gesturing her murderous intent towards her opponents. Bad tempered, during combat, she would throw herself to the fray with a starting feint to create a distraction against her opponents. She will also try to dodge incoming blows looking for, obviously, the high ground. Mostly careless about her visitors, she would rather look for battles than for a talk. Her nature is of the violent ones.


    Marked as an orphan, the death of her parents has never been clear. At the age of 18 she was expelled from her own barbarian tribe for unknown reasons. Rumor has it that after wandering aimlessly around The Endless Wastes she finally was persuaded (???) by some sort of contractor (???) to join the gladiators in Norwick. Glory in between, it is irrelevant to think that there is any other reason than violence to explain her merge to the gladiators.

  • Narfell DM

    Name: Yashard

    Race: Human

    Record: 0 wins 1 Loss

    Favored Weapon: Rapier and Shortsword

    Favored Armor: Chain Shirt


    Yashard is not so much a fighter as he is an entertainer. He is more likely to dance around poking jokes at his opponents or trying to get the crowd riled up. He will often turn his back to his enemy to try and get the attention of the crowd as if mocking his opponent. If a fight seems to be going well for him he is likely to try and taunt his opponent by taking on a more defensive stance, parrying attacks to create openings for a light tickle or to try and unbuckle his opponents belt or even sweep around behind them and try to pull down their pants.
    Most often this does not end favorably for Yashard and as such he has never won a battle.


    Yashard was a member of a traveling entertainment troupe. He would often be the first one out to try and get the crowd excited for the main events. He is trained to sword fight but not so much for battle but more so as a sport where neither sword fighter could get hurt.