The Arena: Gladiatorial Combat / Fight Night

  • The sounds of battle training rings out from the Arena, drums are beat to keep time. Banners are raised around 'The Pit' and the grounds are prepared for the debut gladiatorial spectacle. After much preparation and at considerable personal expense; Cormac Randolph's fighting arena is now to be opened and Fight Night is to finally return to Norwick. New rules are listed upon the town's board.


    Betting on your preferred Gladiator is encouraged. Gambling is regulated in house. 10% of the pot is claimed by the Pit to mitigate expenses.


    A patron may sponsor their favorite Gladiator! In most cases, weapons and armor are chosen at random. A fighter may end up bare chested using their teeth and claws to fight an opponent in heavy mail with a pair of axes. Give your fighter the edge.

    Perks of sponsorship:

    Free meetings with your gladiator down in 'The Pit' to discuss strategy, offer curatives, offer support, breed, or to find out what equipment your fighter prefers. What use is a swordmaster when given a whip to use?

    Fight Night:

    After the main attraction Fight Night can proceed. There will be on archery contest and two melee contests.

    New Rules:

    All combatants must select equipment from the Arena's own selection of weapons and armor. No magic will be used. All trinkets, rings, amulets, helmets, boots, gloves, belts, breastplates, piercings, and clothing not provided by the Arena must be removed. After inspection, the melee will begin.

    Single Combat: Two fighters enter, one fighter leaves.
    Team Combat: Two teams enter, one team leaves.

    There will be PRIZES!


    This will be the first attempt at a Norwick Arena revamp and we are testing the way forward. If there are OOC comments or suggestions please send them to me via private message. IC reactions are more than welcome right here on the forums page.

    There are also opportunities for new player characters to join the Arena. Before rolling your new character, please send me a private message to inquire.

    Thank you!

  • OOC// A public test will be going live in a few minutes. Anyone who wishes to join and get an idea of how future events are planned to roll can feel free to log in and check it out as part of the IC crowd. Betting will be live also to give an idea of what to expect.