• Backdating to August, around when the links went up, if you've donated to Narfell's costs of server and forum maintenance and fees, you're eligible to be in the top 5 commission contest!

    I am taking volunteer artists who have what it takes and want to contribute to Narfell, for Splash page and banner art, as we work on the brand new forums, and decide on their eventual final look! You will be paid by a volunteer for the commission fee for your art, while all donations to the site stay with going toward Narfell directly!

    Want to be a part of that? Contact me here or on Discord.

    The rules:

    • TOP 5 donators get to collaborate with the artists to have one of THEIR characters in the splash or banner art on the main/forum pages!

    • Contest will run until Oct 1st!

    • Artists may choose to have one of their characters in the art, too, of course!

    • Donations from Aug 1 to Oct 1 are eligible for the contest

    • (Clarification) Artists do not HAVE to be Narfell folks, but they get priority.

    Any questions, comments, or volunteers to sponsor the artist commission fees, contact me directly.

    Current Status:
    We already have 2 pieces with volunteers to cover the commission costs, and 1 artist on board. - Aug 16th