Aramis Card request

  • A fine calligraphy letter delivered to the Herald of Norwick.

    To whom it may concern.

    I, Aramis Card, citizen of Norwick formally request a small unused building within the town Of Norwick to be converted and used as a smoke house and storage.

    Use of this building would be for the purpose of storing supplies for use by the militia and citizenry of Norwick during times hardship or strife as the town leadership see's fit. Goods stored here would be considered donation to the town of Norwicks well being and would be logged and recorded by someone appointed by the towns leadership (DM Rust has told me he would log donations made. Thanks Rust).

    This building I would ask have a cooking facility to preserve food-stocks to be stored for emergency use, weapon and armor racks to store surplus arms and weapons for the militia or any citizen auxiliary force Norwick may muster in the future.

    This building should be lockable with a key for myself, Roy Bin who is helping me with this project and any town personnel the leadership see fit. If possible a a guard posted to this building would be welcome to help prevent theft or tampering with emergency supplies.

    Ideally this building would also have 1 PS storage container for storage. (I assume Rust will remove and log goods at his convenience.)

    Goods donated at this time will be supplied by myself and Roy Bin as well as anyone else who may choose to donate to this endeavor.

    Aramis Card

  • //The player has come to an agreement on how to handle these deliveries IG. Locking this thread.