Build 905F

  • Narfell DM

    Dorakhan Updates

    • Jiyyd changes (these changes will take place in stages)
    • Ormpur transition fixed (I think I finally got the one)
    • Modifications to Feeblemend (see spell modification list)
    • Spawn CR tweaks
    • Removed DMFI code that caused extra data to be sent to the log file, causing exceedingly large log files over time

    Its_A_Fire Updates

    • Usable Books & Paper: Available in select stores! PCs can purchase a quill item which will allow them to write on specific blank paper and blank book items.
    • Spawner bug fix: System-wide minimum delay set until individual spawners can be updated.
    • Size tokens modified. These will work on standard player appearances now, both NPCs and PCs.
    • New Unseelie fey added and scattered through the feywild. (DMs, some have weird AI! If you have questions, talk to its_a_fire.)
    • A handful of random encounters elements added to some area.
    • DM chat command for turning area spawns on/off.