A Council on the Creel

  • Once more, word spreads of a council gathering at Hero's Bluff. The gray-clad Akadian takes the stone to give a brief summary.

    "Children of Toril," Aoth begins. "We all witnessed that northern tribe descend upon the Nars pass. We all heard of the attacks on merchant caravans, of how the Creel occupied the remnants of the old camp. Then there is the appearance of an old foe, the red dragon Rass.

    "Recently, a group travelled north, to learn of the Creel homeland. We found they had burned to the ground an outpost where they themselves traded in the pass. The Creel aspire to lead other Nars tribes in taking the south, and they speak of us as 'tresspassers' on their land. They are not dissuaded by what many of you have accomplished through strength. Worryingly yet, they spoke of our inaction during their stay as a factor in their plans. They completed their work here, watched us, and departed - all on their own terms. The purpose of their stay is unknown to me. What they plan next is unknown to me.

    "I had hoped the dragon might have bought their favor with threats, because we could tend to that without war. The Creel scout we spoke with, however, was quite proud that the dragons had never asked the tribes to kneel.

    "Dragons, yes, plural. There is another red who lairs in the north. A male. His relationship to Rass unknown.

    "These are the facts as I know them." Aoth steps down from the stone. The conversation barely begun.

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  • The Halfling Defence League

    Ros appears with several rolls of parchment containing detailed maps of the gypsy pass, along with annotations regarding the ways in which their fortifications were constructed.

    While th' drag'ns is def'nilly a point o' some concern, I think Rass's past actions indicate tha' she's less likely ta protect 'em if it' no longer worth 'er while. Ta tha' end, knowin' more about ther relationships with ther drag'n friends is crucial an'could help ta significantly weaken 'em.

    T'other thing ta remember is how we interact with 'em. Like Aoth said, they respind ta bravado. Be bold with 'em, maybe e'en a lil' vainglorious. We got this pass from th' eastlanders through brutal, ruthless conquest. An' while it may o' been morally unjustifiable, some o' wha' was done, it's important ta keep remindin' 'em tha' it was done none th' less. Er'ry time we meet, it's important ta boast o' foes vanquished an' battles won.

    As ta ther tactics when ther in our region, I brought my surveys o' ther fortifications. It's important ta note tha' despite seemin' like some kinda barbarians, ther skill'd builders an' sound strategists. When they fortify a place, they do it right - usually two layers o' physical barriers wi' traps laid 'tween 'em. I got ideas o' how ta crack through 'em, but it's all on th' drawin' board still.

    A better idea, I think, is ta use those fortifications against 'em. Give 'em cause ta hafta flee 'em, an' keep 'em from bein' able to. Send a message tha' we ain't messin' about. Disease cn' work. Fire too. Don't hafta be anythin'specific, but we need ta fught hard an' dishon'rably.

    At least, tha's my take.

  • Theaon returns to the Bluff after spending some time around Norwick

    _"In regards to Vick's previous point about preparation, we now have another ally we can count on. After a venture into their mines that involved dealing with a couple of illithids, we can now count on support from the Dwarven Hold. As some of you may know relations between the Hold and Norwick have been tense for a while. There were times each fell under attack and the other did not aid or offered far less assistance than they were capable of. And while I certainly won't say all wounds are healed now, they both at least are willing to stand together against the Creel. The Dwarves have already begun increasing their numbers at the battlements by the north gate.

    In regards to taking more proactive measures against the Creel, I agree with Leena's earlier point about making their voyages by ship more difficult. We also need to determine any and all areas where the Creel can get to Narfell by ship. They didn't arrive at the Gypsy Camp by docking their ships in Peltarch, so they must be using alternate, lesser known water routes. Perhaps a few 'surprises' can be left for the Creel next time they try to come to Narfell.

    Also, no one here has yet seen this male red dragon, correct? Only the carnage at the merchant outpost that he allegedly left. I do not mean to completely dismiss the idea of his existence, but perhaps we should not put the Creel above lying. There were two main reasons we all hesitated to take action against the Creel while they occupied the Gypsy Camp. One reason was due to the Yuan-Ti threat against Peltarch at the time. The other reason was because all along we thought Rass was there in the Camp. If they were able to discern that the suspected presence of a dragon would halt any offensive measures on our part, why not tell us there's a second dragon we would have to contend with? Who would want to assault their village knowing there would be 2 red dragons to deal with? Perhaps during an invasion of the region we would be more inclined to retreat if we though 2 red dragons could aid the Creel.

    Again, let's not assume this male red dragon doesn't exist, but maybe we should be questioning it more and not let it affect our decision making here too much."_

  • A faint smile from Aoth. "Paranoid perhaps, Vick, but you speak a great deal of a sense."

  • We are all grasping at straws here since the initial contact was all on their terms. We saw what they wanted us to see. The questions we are stumbling over have innumerable answers but as many say some action must take place. All I have are more ideas that might be investigated as we prepare our lands, people and troops for what may come.

    Something for the mages to ponder, could they have done some sort of survey or early work in laying a gate or portal that might bypass the need to fight through everything nature could throw at them? If such is possible then steady patrols may be needed if or when they go to finalize such.

    For the politically adept, could they have met and set plans in place with local allies or purchased aid in the lands to soften things up as they come? I am sure there are groups in these lands that would profit and thrive off the chaos,or at least think so. Do we see any movement in such?

    If the entire thing was a diversion are we seeing any oddities in places that adventurers are exploring? Perhaps time to put our ears on and listen to the rumors.

    Lastly I think many are complacent now that the roads are open. Are food stores being set aside? Are troops being trained? Are weapons being stock piled? Are healing supplies being built up, healers trained? Are lines of communication being set? Are strategic areas being guarded and fortified? Are chains of command being solidified in case they are broken? Are the major powers/forces working out details?

    Yes, yes, I know many of you think me paranoid and you are probably correct. None of the above things cost much more than time and the will to do them. Even if nothing happens it will strengthen our lands.

    ((The words are flat and harsh as he surveys those around with hard eyes, before he sits back down))

  • Leena speaks up, at that

    _It's been searched for tracks, signs, left-behinds, and magic, Theaon. I don't mean to blow off your idea entirely, but I can tell you that it's been done, to no result.

    I suggest looking outward, not in, with an emphasis on trying to find them coming BACK, before they get here. I would see them beleaguered with terrific storms, harsh terrain, harried by animals, and set upon by everything nature has to throw, in their journey, personally._

  • "A more in-depth search of the Gypsy Camp may be in order to determine if the Creel left behind any clues about what their next move will be."

  • Council of Moradin

    He smiles in return, answering her

    It is. And I thank you for the clarifications. I'd like to add another question, if I may.

    Is there anyting being done to be ready if and when they return? I am not asking for the disclosure of anything that needs to be kept in secret.

    However, people will hear about this and would certainly calm heir spirits to know that those capable and those in charge are taking measures to protect them.

  • "Roy, is it?" Aoth says, smiling faintly. "To answer your first question, they returned to their homeland. The answer to your third question, it seems they ally with the other northern tribes and two red dragons.

    "As for what they did in the pass and when they will return… I agree that these are our pressing questions."

  • Council of Moradin

    Roy Bin, once he has an opportunity, asks for the word.

    Anyone that has his mind set to shed blood for a land claim is walking a path away from the Mother’s teachings. Anyone that chooses ending a life instead of nurturing it, goes against Her will and must be dealt with.

    A peaceful solution would be better, bringing them back to Her side, but from what you have told us, that will probably achieve nothing. As a Mother protects her child, we must protect our people, but it seems to me that, apart from what you were able to gather from that scout, we are still blind.

    We know where they came from, where they stayed and that they left. Unless I missed something, I believe we need to try to find out:

    (i) where did they go to after leaving,
    (ii) what did they do while they stayed at the pass,
    (iii) who might help them with their goal; and
    (iv) when they are coming back.

    I don’t know what resources are available, but I’d say some questions are easier to answer.

    Scouts could follow them and let us know their current whereabouts and give warning before they return. We might learn something from this and, with some luck and proper actions, we could interfere with their plans of getting more tribes to their sides.

    A party of people experienced should spend time in the Gipsy Pass to see if there is any hint of their purpose there. Were they looking for something? Were they waiting for something? Did they meet anyone there?

    But, most important, is to warn the cities about this. Some of you are well known around and could share this news with those in charge.

    He sits down after saying all that, just to quickly get back to his feet to add:

    As always, I forgot to introduce myself. Apologies. I am Roy, grandson of Mike Bin, he was a farmer of Norwick.

    With that, he waits for others to speak their minds.

  • After Aoth finishes, Theaon steps up to the stone and speaks

    _"Diplomacy is a lost cause against the Creel Tribe. They are steadfast in their belief that the region of Narfell belongs to them and that any who oppose them should die. When we attempted to speak more diplomatically with the scout he didn't give very long answers. When our demeanor became more threatening, he was more responsive and gave us more information - as if he respected us more for it. He also didn't seem too concerned about the fact that towards the end of the Eastlander War, Rass abandoned Atol which allowed the task force lead by General Grag to kill him. While he spoke of Creel Tribe honor, he didn't seem too concerned about Rass's lack of honor from that war.

    The Creel Tribe is going to make their presence known in the region again. Our inaction against them while they occupied the Gypsy Camp has only emboldened them. My fear is their next move will be against one of the towns to try and deliver a quick and devastating blow to all allied forces in Narfell."_