New Crafting Minimum Prices

  • Narfell DM

    A discussion we've been having and the decision we've made on new minimum crafting prices. This will hopefully give all crafters more flexibility to sell their equipment.

    We will work on tanning items as well in the future likely.

    Any questions/concerns/general comments can be sent to the Team as always.


    ** Non-masterworked items have no minimum selling prices

    ** Metals: Copper, Bronze, Nickel, Brass, Iron Masterworked items have no minimum selling price.

    Steel, Silver and Platinum Prices:

    Armor and Shields

    Helm - 500gp
    Tower Shield - 2000gp
    Chainshirt/Chainmail/Scalemail/Breastplate - 1500gp
    Half Plate/Full plate - 6500gp

    Steel/Silver/Platinum Metal Weapons
    750gp for all

    Mithril and Higher Ores Prices

    Helm - 1500gp
    Tower Shield - 6000gp
    Chainshirt/Chainmail/Scalemail/Breastplate - 4500gp
    Half Plate/Full Plate - 19500gp

    Mithril and Higher Ores Metal Weapons

    2000gp for all

    Wooden Weapons/Armors - Elm and Ash Prices:

    1500gp for all

    Wooden Weapons/Armors - Red and Yew Prices:

    2500gp for all

    Wooden Weapons/Armors - Darkwood:

    10000gp for all

  • Narfell DM

    Due to some questions recently about the crafting minimums, the following will be the way crafting item sales work from this moment on.

    Crafter or non-crafters will sell for at least the minimum price listed in this thread. No PC is allowed to sell for less than the minimum price.

    EVERYONE will abide by the minimum prices above.