Caling seeks PS Vendor store for the Docks in Peltarch

  • Caling Rydrion
    Docks (as agreed with SDM earlier)
    PS Chest Vendor

    Caling seeks a PS chest and vendor NPC to put in Peltarch Docks (In, or near a warehouse, please)

    The 'Shifty Thrifty' Will specialize in hand-me-down adventuring kit, and curios.

    Employees or agents of the Thrifty will buy goods for better than the Shops here will, and sell for half what the stores sell the goods for.

    At last a better end for those acrobat boots, with a few more years in them.

    (( Ideally the Vendor NPC could be the Other Caling… or a Freed Exotic Services Slave from Oscura who looks a -lot- like Caling ))

  • BUMP - This would be really nice, I think to have a few people to Operate this store and buy hand-me-downs