Roy Bin

  • Council of Moradin


    The night is here, and after my daily prayers, I can finally have a moment to myself. The Great Mother really blessed this day and I am sure she will watch over us all during the night as well. There isn’t a moment in my life that I do not feel her love for all living and growing things and I sure consider myself blessed that I do.

    Arriving in Norwick was nothing like I expected. The village is … just that ... a village. It has a nice Temple of Chauntea, where I’ll spend some of my time for sure, another one, an inn, farms, people ... just what you would expect form a regular place. I also heard there is a school of magic around here somewhere and even a dwarven city.

    The only dwarf I ever met was Frignar, it would be nice to know a few more like him. Once I am settled I’ll go visit these two places.

    I’m still new here, but I can’t see anything that remotely resembles a threat or the great evil grampa said. Maybe it was just the fever talking, as I suspected.

    But this does not mean I do not have what to do here. Even though there is no imminent danger, there is certainly work. The fields seem nice and the cattle is healthy, but there is room for some improvement. It will take time for the villagers to take advice from a stranger like me, but I am young. I’ll have plenty of time to spread Chauntea’s word and do my best to honor her.

    To be honest, I already started doing so.

    There is a little water stream that runs by the inn. Near it, in the best place I could find, I planted some seedlings. I’ll take care of those so in the future, some nice flowers blossom there, giving the place a nice touch. Nurturing something this delicate and soft is this hard weather will show everyone that Chauntea’s teachings are good.

    I still have some money from selling all grampa’s treasures. I’m not sure what to do with it. I already bought a nice pair of boots, a ring and some gloves. I cannot believe the price I payed for these things. I think the best thing to do is to hold my coins and seek a good opportunity to buy something useful.

    Having some nice things to work with has proven to be interesting. But I am too tired to think about -that- now. Maybe some other day I’ll register what happened for future references.

    Time to go. Chauntea's work will continue tomorrow.

  • Council of Moradin


    I finally met an adventurer interested in the ongoings of Norwick. He was siting by the south fire when I arrived late at night. Said he was waiting for the sun to raise so he could patrol the woods. His name is Silver, a paladin of Torm. A nice dwarf, contrary to the popular opinion regarding them.

    I offered to help him, since this could be an opportunity to see what lies after the village’s walls. All went well. We found little resistance. I mean.... he found little resistance, since he seems to be a more than capable warrior. I did try not to get on his way and was successful at that. Chauntea’s blessings were also very useful in this expedition and so was my bow. Grandpa would be proud of some shots I took. At the end of it, I gathered enough coin to buy myself a decent sword.

    During our conversation, he mentioned that the undead still roam around the graveyard area and that there are vampires there. From what I remember, that was always a problematic place and I think it would be good to know what lurks around there. I am planning on exploring those crypts in the future. I cannot help the people if I don’t know to what dangers they are exposed.

    But this must be done with proper preparation. I don’t want to be caught off guard in a place like that. That’s why I travelled to Peltarch to buy some supplies.

    I also learned that the Creel situation was dealt with. Not sure how, but from what I gathered, that problem is over. However, I have a feeling that new ones will present themselves.

    Since the future in uncertain, all I can do is be prepared.

  • Council of Moradin


    I cannot say how long it was since my last visit to Norwick. Personal business lead me away and I found another place that needed The Mother’s touch. I cannot choose where to help her with her work, so I decided to stay there until it was finished. And now, I am back to where I started.

    It is a bit funny returning to a place like this one. Almost a week went by, and I did not hear anything about dragons, Creel … nothing. Nowadays, there are other problems in people’s minds. Maybe those that I remember where dealt with. I surely hope so.

    I will try to look around Norwick, to see how those tainted places are. From what I remember, I cannot go there without proper preparation, so, first, I’ll gather some resources that will help my exploration. I also remember a few places to the east that needed some “cleaning”. Hopefully this was already done during the time I was away, but I will definitely check those places to make sure.

    Except for one or two, I cannot recognize any faces that I see around the cities. I’ll have to get to know these new people, and, somehow, let them know me. I do need help if I want to carry out my tasks around here and having some good-hearted people with me would be excellent.

    I also need to restart my garden somewhere. I’ll look for a place where some good vegetables and spices can grow strongly. Maybe, I’ll do it near some fruit trees that I find around. Maybe. I will need to look for a good spot this time. The best one I can find. There is so much I want do to do in this returning.

    Only one thing is sure this time: there will be a lot of walking around to do. Good thing The Mother blessed me with two feet. I better get them to work.

  • Council of Moradin


    Recently, I participated in a meeting with some well-known adventurers of this land and they were discussing a possible invasion by a northern tribe called the Creel. Apparently, these men think they have birthright claims to the land of Narfell and intend to conquer it by force. As I was informed, they are allied with at least one dragon. I wonder if that’s the great evil grampa warned me about is his last moments.

    Chauntea drove my steps as I took a walk to think about all of what was being spoken about. When I arrived in Norwick, I met a man, called Aramis, who shares the same faith in the Mother. We spoke about the situation during a boat trip to Peltarch and decided we could talk with the representatives of Norwick about this situation. And when we took the road back south, The Mother smiled upon us again.

    We met a halfling, the General of The Legion, and he agreed to come with us to speak with the Herald. We warned them about the dangers that are coming and offered our help. The Herald also trusted us to carry a message to the dwarves calling for their aid. After helping the Stout Folk with problems they were facing in their mines, we got a positive response from them, and now, there is an increased presence of dwarven guards by the south gates.

    That was only the beginning of our task. Unfortunately, we need more. We need to be able to, at least, display such strength that anyone, include these Creel, would think twice before charging Norwick’s walls.

    I want to speak with Aramis about some ideas I had, but I think he’d agree that our main concern now is with the people of Norwick. And I think that working in a contingency plan would be advisable. Gathering more allies to our cause is another issue we must deal with as soon as possible.

    I plan to visit the School of Magic and see if they can help us in any way. I did pick up a VERY POWERFUL arcane scroll that I can use to bargain with them if necessary. Another possibility is dealing with those Silver Host. I wonder if they can be talked into helping us in this display of strength. I won’t ask anyone to fight our battles, but only to help avoiding one that could affect the life of those that live here.

    As for Norwick itself, it seems to me that they need more people in their ranks. And fast. I am still considering joining their ranks, maybe others would follow my example. Time will tell. Only thing I know is that if I join, I would be in a better place to ask for help for the people.

    So much to do, so little time.

  • Council of Moradin


    I found a place to the east of the road that connects Peltarch and Norwick that seems to need some help to return to its natural state. It is a vast plain but where wildlife should thrive, undead roam about. I believe that it has something to do with most recent events of this region, probably with the war that was fought against evil beings from other planes that I keep hearing about.

    Being that the cause, or something else, the proliferation of undead in that area is an insult to the Mother’s teachings. Life must be protected and nurtured, and the existence of those beings there does not give any chance for that to happen. That is why I am spending a few of my days to fight and destroy them.

    All was going well. The costs of this work are minimal; just a few coins to the ferrymen. My weapons were enough to deal with the zombies and skeletons that linger there. I don’t want to sound cocky, but I do have the necessary skills to take them down. The dead keep raising in that place, but I am convinced that determination is the key to success there.

    However, I found something I did know existed. It has the shape of a wolf but does not act like one. Its movements and behavior do not match the ones of a normal animal. It also emits an aura I could see from afar. I thought it would be wiser not to charge it without at least knowing something about it. I still have no idea if that is an undead or something else.

    I’ve been trying to get some allies to help me dealing with it, but it is hard. It is difficult to convince people to go out of their way to do the Mother’s wish. It certainly doesn’t help the fact that I cannot easily make friends with those that could be inclined to do so. This is something I’ll have to work on, it seems, even if it means wasting my time with small conversation when there is a lot to be done.

    A good partner for this would be the halfing monk I met in Peltarch. But, between my constantly travels, from Norwick to Peltarch and back, and her affairs, we haven’t met during the last weeks.

    The good news is that my garden seems to be going well. Looks like the roots of the vegetables are growing strong and soon one will be able to see it prosper. The flowers I planted around Norwick also look fine, especially the ones by the creek. I still haven’t found seedlings from an oak tree to start my next project. But I guess I’ll put that on hold for a few weeks. Focus is important in life and trying to do everything at the same time could decrease my chances of success.

  • Council of Moradin


    I spent the last weeks walking around the south of Norwick and researching what is the source of all that undead manifestation. It seems that there isn’t just one cause for it, but several. First, the spells used in ancient ages still linger here tainting the soil. Second, the more recent events, with the town being destructed and rebuild at least twice, contributed to it. I am pretty sure that there are more things bout it that I need to find out.

    I am almost certain that no soul can find proper rest if someone dies beyond the south gates of Norwick. Whatever it has to be done to cleanse the place so it returns to be a local where people can use the soil is, for now, beyond my understanding. This is not a brick wall I encountered here. It is, in fact, something that will stimulate me to go further.

    I will try my best to see this place free of these undeads and used as The Mother intended, for growing things. From now on, I’ll conduct a few experiments in that area and see what comes from them. My first attempt will be to try to see something new grow where at ruins of the older village. I will look for an oak tree will try to get a few seedlings from it and plant them there. With enough effort and care, maybe it will grow.

    Other things can be done, that do not involve in dealing with the undeads. The lands to the south of Norwick could be used by the people as new planting grounds. Maybe I should set an example and start a little vegetable garden there, in an adequate place. Whatever I can grow there, I may donate to those in need. I’ll start doing it as quickly as possible.

    It would be nice to have a few onions, beans, peas, carrots, garlic, pepper and spinach there. Preparing the soil, watering the seedlings, protecting them from pests and diseases could help me filling my days in a more productive way. I think the best place would be by that tower, since it offers some protection from harsh winds. It also allows for a lot of sun to the plants and they do need it in abundance.

    Guess this means I'll head back to Peltarch to get everything I need to start doing this.

    Roy Bin, the gardener, fighting the great evil with spices …. I think grampa would like to tell a story like that.

  • Council of Moradin


    I am back at Norwick and life has been quite uneventful. Life here seems pretty calm. The village carries on with its life and its citizens with their lives. Inside the wooden walls, there is no problem and everyone is living a normal life. Despite the weather, I did not notice any problem with the crops or cattle. Chauntea certainly blessed this season.

    I am looking for seedlings of a particular flower to plant around town: the forget-me-nots will be a nice addition to this place. They have their beauty and carry a few messages. First, that everyone should remember the troubled times before this rather peaceful one. Second, that other have spared their lives and blood to make this place a home.

    I’ll make that my goal for now and try to see if I can find enough to plant around town.

    Since all looks fine in town, I ventured to the south and, as far as I went, I only saw some weak undeads and goblins. I am aware that there are stronger foes around, but I do not dare going alone to check them. I can’t gamble being surprised far away from town. It is not because Chauntea watches over us all that I will make her job harder.

    The small things that I find during these expeditions I can sell around town or to the dwarves. I believe that doing my business here, instead of in Peltarch where it would be more profitable, is a better course of action. Chauntea blessed me with enough strength to deal with those undeads that roam near the city, and I will try my best to keep their number low, so they do not bother the village.

    That’s what I can do for now. If I want to live in this village, I must do my best to see it prosper, even if what I do seems so little.

    Every seed is small compared to the tree it turns out to be.

  • Council of Moradin


    I am still in Peltarch and the Mother blessed me again. After a few weeks looking for, I finally found an armor that suits my needs. I was looking for an elf named Raryldor to buy one from him, but it was another elf that sold me one. His name is Fealer, I met him at Peltarch, he invited me to his home and there we did our business.

    Even tough I made a counter proposal to the first price he asked, I made it clear to him that I did not wish that our deal was bad for him. We agreed to terms and now I have what I need… I guess.

    Having an armor to replace the one I lost during THAT was a first step, but I am not sure what the next one is. Despite knowing that the Mother watches over us all, I can’t be selfish to think that She will point me the direction to follow every time I am in doubt. No, no, sometimes, we must figure things for ourselves and I believe this is one of those times.

    Seems like this city is where most of the things happen around here, but I am not here to adventure and get rich. I am here with an objective, as elusive as it may be.

    Grampa’s last words were of a “great evil” and that I should “help them”, and I still have no clue about who they are or what is the danger that lurks around. The more I speak with people and get to know this place, the more I am sure the he was delusional at his last moments.

    I think it is safe to say that I need to better know the region. I am aware that there are undeads that lurk to the south of Norwick and that the forests are filled with goblinoids, but, I do not know anything other than that. I need to see more things, maybe I’ll get a clue of what I am supposed to do around here.

    That’s it, I’ll go back to Norwick and head south to see things with my own eyes.