Proudfeet Memorial - Return to the Silver Valley

  • Narfell DM


    Merlynna Proudfeet(Rei_Jin), descendant of Rinnel and Lynna Proudfeet, former residents of the Jiyyd Silver Valley, is preparing to lay their ashes to rest. Many right-sized folk, and some tallies, have either been invited to help, or have offered their aid. If this is you, or if you have a hin or gnome PC who has heard about it and wants to help, then you are invited.

    When: Sunday 7pm by New York City time (US EDT), which is Monday 9am by Sydney time (AUS EST).

    Meeting: By the Legion Tower Please post below if you are able to make it and you meet the criteria. If you're not sure, PM me or find Merlynna in game

  • That time works for me/Ros

  • Faelar said he'd help if he could but, the 22nd is my 45th B-day and I've no clue what the wife has planned. If no plans I'll be there. Otherwise y'all have fun.

  • Theaon can be there.

  • Gnome player, Filfred Fingerzap - Send me an @ on discord if you're on it, if not, I'll try to remember because I have the memory of a trout.

    I'm willing to come help.

  • So, to clarify, that’s THIS Sunday/Monday (22nd/23rd July), and there are a few people who have expressed a willingness to help.

    Off the top of my head, that includes Roslyn, Talyna, Atel, as well as a few hin that I’ve forgotten the names of, plus a few tallies such as Keerla and Leroy, and others who specifically offered.