House Sukarsik of Cormyr

  • About House Sukarsik

    House Sukarsik is a minor Noble house in Suzail known not for their wealth or political power but for their military leadership, charisma, and fighting ability.
    It is a time honored tradition that the head of the house should always excel in military strategy and tactics training and physical combat before joining the Purple Dragon Knights.
    The house was founded during the great famine that saw much of the population starving and resorting to banditry. A large shipment of supplies including magical
    grain that was able to grow under harsh conditions, faster than ordinary grains could was going to be arriving to the city which would end the famine if the grain could
    be distributed to the local farmers. It was being delivered from Mage Keep to Suzail Desperate bandits who did not believe the grain was magic, as well as some enterprising thieves in service to Mask decided the grain should be stolen and used for personal gains.
    Captain Harketh Sukarsik was a young up and comer in the purple dragon knights who was tasked with patrolling the route the caravans were to come and he did a great job of it for a time. On the day the shipment was to come the town of Marsember had come under attack by Orcs and Goblins causing Captain Sukarsik's forces to be split for the day. With just a half a dozen mounted knights under his command he was not prepared for the attack on the caravan.
    Bandits attacked from front, middle, and rear of the caravan. Two of Harkeths men were killed in the initial ambush by crossbow bolts. The caravan riders were panicked and Harketh had to decide quickly how to deal with the situation. In the end he chose to lead his men to the rear in order to prevent any of the goods from being taken.
    He suspected it would mean the death of the caravaners in the front but with the retreat blocked off the attackers would have no where to go except toward the city where scouts and patrols would likely catch them.
    Harketh and his men dispatched the rear attackers with military precision and when they charged toward the front expecting to see a massacre they were surprised to see one of the young caravaners had collected the arms of a fallen knight and was able to rally the caravaners into a defensive position that not only saved their lives but prevented the attackers from making off with any supplies. The man who demonstrated leadership and bravery unlike any he had ever seen was Michaud Brennan and Harketh fell in love on sight.
    The grain arrived safely to the city and was distributed among local farmers and it ended up ending the famine. Harketh and Michaud were wed and awarded land and lordships by the king for their deeds. Thus house Sukarsik was founded and the bravery of the two men was passed on to their adopted children and then continued to be passed down to the following generations.

    lady Irene' Sukarsik

    Irene' much like her ancestors is a strong and honorable woman. At the age of 14 it was decided she would be betrothed to her senior in the Purple Dragon Knights, a sergeant named Mathias Duraker, they were to be wed after her 16th birthday. This pleased Irene' greatly as she always had a fondness for Mathias and as the future head of the house she knew he would be a great addition to the family when she come of age.
    By the time Irene' turned 16 she was already very strong tactically minded woman. At this time she was a corporal in the Knighthood and her now husband Mathias Sukarsik was a Captain. It is tradition for the head of the house to retain their name and the one they wed to take the name of the house.
    They were married in the temple to Helm the protector as was her faith, which she valued highly, to protect the weak.
    It was a time of relative peace in Suzail, so when news of trouble reached the temple of Helm and subsequently Sukarsiks ears, Irene' knew she had to do something.

    The Journey to Narfell

    The troubles of the outside world are not the concerns of Cormyr so when Irene' asked to leave to help the weak she was denied initially. Her family didn't want the heiress to abandon her home and her husband didn't want to lose his bride before he could sire an Heir.
    For a time she continued her training with the Purple Dragons while learning her duties as the future head of the household but as time passed she grew restless hearing the news from other lands of troubles when she should be able to help. She decided again she would petition to leave on her personal crusade to help the weak but this time she went prepared.
    She spoke directly to the Queen this time, she mentioned her family history and how they came to be, about the famine and the magic grain and of how if her ancestors had not protected the grain the country may not have survived. She also mentioned the shortage of skilled warriors after the great war. She insisted while she was abroad she would recruit skilled warriors to her household and have them return to serve under the banner of house Sukarsik as well she would have her husband send her training details so she would continue her Knight training. Finally every summer she would return to Suzail for the meeting of the Nobility and to discuss what she accomplishes that year as well as to reaffirm her loyalty to the monarch.
    With this in mind the monarch agreed.
    Irene' spend the next couple years preparing for her long journey. First she gave her husband his wish and they had a baby boy, Harketh Michaud Sukarsik, named after their great ancestors. After the birth Irene' took more time to recover and get back into shape before departing on the long journey to Narfell.

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