DM Bastage NPC's

  • Herein find references for all DM Bastage NPC's. If you metagame these I'll probably write you a strongly worded letter or something, before I go off and stress eat. You wouldn't do that to me, would you?

  • Indrid Cold

    Status: Alive

    Appearance: On the rare occasions when Indrid Cold is seen, he is described to be tall and thin - far moreso than any human would be. His height is estimated to be just over seven feet tall, and his skin is a pasty white. The most recognizable aspect of him is his face - a broad, toothy grin crosses it, and his eyes are spaced much further apart than a normal person's would be.

    Public Knowledge: Very little. It's said that when he speaks, he does not speak. Rather, his voice is experienced by one's consciousness, and feels like shards of glass within one's mind. Currently said to be the suspect in the grisly killings of several children around Peltarch, his motivations and means are currently unknown.

  • Rudo Bobbett

    Status: Alive

    Appearance: Rudo is dark haired and dark eyed, and obviously a bit past his prime, having entered what for a hin could be considered early middle age. His fair skin is relatively untanned, suggesting a life not spent working outside. He's typically seen in dark leathers with a matching cloak.

    Public Knowledge: Despite dressing like an adventurer, Rudo very rarely ventures into the field himself. While it's vaguely known that he is employed by an organization operating within Peltarch, he makes a point of dodging direct questions about who he works for. Despite having subordinates of his own, he is mostly known for approaching groups of adventurers and pointing them in the direction of his objectives when his own subordinates aren't up to the task. Which seems to be quite frequent, as he is known to be something of a soft touch with a reputation for taking in charity cases with a penchant for getting in over their heads.

    Despite all that, he's shown a genuine patience and obvious care for those who work for him, and is quite open about his care for their own well-being.

  • Sir Roderick Prendergast Harrington Montgomery Wilberforce III

    Status: Alive

    Appearance: A large man with a larger voice, Sir Roderick is difficult to miss on the rare occasions he ventures out into the public eye. If his height and width fail to catch your eye, however, then his bright ginger hair and bushy beard almost certainly will. Typically he wears a metal cuirass over top of a fine green and pale blue outfit, and is rarely seen without his trademark greatsword on his back or in his hands.

    Public Knowledge: Despite looking for all the world like an adventurer and a soldier (and despite certain of his exploits supporting that reputation), Roderick is most known for his scholarship and for using equipment cooked up within his magical laboratory to send adventurers on wild excursions to different planes of existence. Despite generally looking the same each time it's visited, this laboratory is known to have unconventional and typically magical entrances which often defy one's understanding of euclidean geometry. Most recently his laboratory was said to be flying over Peltarch, though its current exact whereabouts are unknown.