DM Bastage NPC's

  • Herein find references for all DM Bastage NPC's. If you metagame these I'll probably write you a strongly worded letter or something, before I go off and stress eat. You wouldn't do that to me, would you?

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    Status: Alive

    Appearance: As a dryad, Blodeuwedd has greenish woodgrained skin and dark hair.

    Public Knowledge: Originally an inhabitant of the Feywild, Blodeuwedd was tied to a stand of interconnected magical trees not unlike the grandfather oaks that once could be found in the Rawlinswood. Coveted for their magical powers by a group of exiled sidhe, she was found nearly dead and badly traumatized. Thanks to timely intervention by some adventurers however, her stand of trees was awakened into sentience and plane shifted to the Prime Material Plane. As the trees she's bound to are now mobile, she travels throughout Narfell and the Great Dale with them, though she mostly keeps to the forests in order to keep as low a profile as possible with a shambling mass of trees.

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    The Grandfather Oaks

    Status: Alive, Awakened

    Appearance: The Grandfather Oaks appear to be several distinct oak trees, whose bark appears to have a slight pearlescence upon close inspection. In actual fact, however, the individual "trees" all share a common root system, and they are one cohesive being. Given how dense their roots are, there is a small, roughly circular patch of land about ten meters across that's being held up between the individual trees, giving a sort of platform for Blodeuwedd (and any passengers she takes with her) to ride upon. A large standing stone sits in the middle of this circle, shimmering with magical energy.

    Public Knowledge: The Grandfather Oaks are related in some way to the trees by the same name that once had a stand in the Rawlinswood, before being destroyed. Unlike those trees, however, these are mobile and intelligent, and defend themselves vigorously from any real or perceived threats. Unable to speak due to being trees, they are still quite capable of understanding others. They are never seen without the dryad Blodeuwedd being nearby.

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    Status: Undead

    Appearance: Radomir is a lich, and as such always appears decrepit and skeletal, with eye sockets illuminated by arcane green flame. While his robes are old and tattered, they typically are of a green hue, and what designs remain upon them seem to suggest the fashions of the Great Dale.

    Public Knowledge: Radomir is known for having particular axes to grind with both the Circle of Quercatha Terr as well as the Knights of the Cerulean Stars. Though undeniably powerful and possessed of immense knowledge that few would be able to rival, Radomir is known to avoid direct confrontation. Instead, he prefers to use the large numbers of undead he is capable of creating to attack his foes, guard places important to him, and otherwise do all the things he prefers to avoid doing himself. Indeed, the few times that he has been encountered directly, he's fled before engaging in actual combat. Usually, he's known more for appearing through sendings - which he generally uses to issue threats.

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    Status: Alive

    Appearance: Petal is a tiny green pixie with auburn hair and red, lively eyes.

    Public Knowledge: Petal approaches the world with an almost childlike wonder, which some may find endearing, but which also causes far more problems for her than she would have otherwise. Naive, trusting, and easily misled, the tiny fey has a habit of getting into dangerous situations which often necessitate the aid of others.

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    Status: Alive

    Appearance: Brictiu is a tall and well-muscled human female, with blonde hair and flinty grey eyes. Known for having a very casual and friendly demeanor, she nonetheless cuts a striking figure - particularly when seen wielding the maul that is her weapon of choice. She is almost always seen wearing a suit of weathered but sturdy ironwood armor, with the symbol of Silvanus carved into its chestplate.

    Public Knowledge: Brictiu is a druid of Silvanus as well as a member of the Circle of Quercatha Terr, and has just recently been given her first chance at training an apprentice. While it's very clear that she's learning as she goes, she mostly seems to be undaunted by the challenge. When seen in dangerous areas, she's often flanked by her animal companion, a hulking dire bear named Grumbles.

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    Gared Wilde

    Status: Alive

    Appearance: Gared is a tall man in his mid-30's, and is usually seen wearing the flamboyant colors of the mercenary company that he leads. When he is seen outside of his armor, he has flinty gray eyes set in a gaunt, bony face with a long nose and a broad, somewhat haphazard mustache. While not what one would call handsome, he makes up for it with a quick wit and a wardrobe that can charitably be called "ostentatious". Or, perhaps less charitably, "ridiculous".

    Public Knowledge: For the past six years Gared has, along with the mercenary company which bears his name, been making a name for himself across both Impiltur and the Great Dale in service to one lord or another. While his men have yet to be deployed as far north as Narfell, it's generally known that they (and, by extension, their captain) have a somewhat more savory reputation than most sellswords, at least when it comes to their conduct. Gared himself is something of an enigma - it's known that he made a veritable fortune from his adventuring career, and doesn't really need the kind of money that comes from fulfilling mercenary contracts. What, if anything, he gets out of his current line of work is anyone's guess at this point.

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    The Wilde Company

    Status: Active

    Appearance: The Wilde Company are known to wear flamboyant yellow uniforms with teal accents. When openly displayed, their company's arms are a teal maelstrom on a field of gold.

    Motto: "We bring the storm"

    Public Knowledge: A relative newcomer to the region, the Wilde Company is currently more active down in the Great Dale than it is in Narfell proper. The group takes its name from its captain, a former adventurer from Ilmwatch by the name of Gared Wilde. Though a group of sellswords, they're reputed to be somewhat more discriminating than most when it comes to choosing their employers, and the company overall has a decent reputation for avoiding unnecessary violence and protecting innocents in regions where they operate.

    More recently, one of their teams was found on the outskirts of Bezentil, having apparently fallen victim to a mishandled and highly dangerous magical artifact.

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    Tilda Honeydew

    Status: Alive

    Appearance: Tilda is a hin of relatively small stature even for her kind. She is almost never seen without wearing her trademark hat and dark leathers.

    Public Knowledge: Tilda is a known business associate of Rudo Bobbett, though what exactly their "business" is, is never openly discussed. Though friendly enough, she's known to have something of a manipulative and, at times, mean streak to her personality. Most recently she's been known to be operating in Peltarch, however her work has taken her to Heroes Bluff, Norwick, and even as far south as the Great Dale.

  • Indrid Cold

    Status: Unknown, presumed to still be at large

    Appearance: On the rare occasions when Indrid Cold is seen, he is described to be tall and thin - far moreso than any human would be. His height is estimated to be just over seven feet tall, and his skin is a pasty white. The most recognizable aspect of him is his face - a broad, toothy grin crosses it, and his eyes are spaced much further apart than a normal person's would be.

    Public Knowledge: Very little. It's said that when he speaks, he does not speak. Rather, his voice is experienced by one's consciousness, and feels like shards of glass within one's mind. Currently said to be the suspect in the grisly killings of several children around Peltarch, his motivations and means are currently unknown.

  • Rudo Bobbett

    Status: Alive

    Appearance: Rudo is dark haired and dark eyed, and obviously a bit past his prime, having entered what for a hin could be considered early middle age. His fair skin is relatively untanned, suggesting a life not spent working outside. He's typically seen in dark leathers with a matching cloak.

    Public Knowledge: Despite dressing like an adventurer, Rudo very rarely ventures into the field himself. While it's vaguely known that he is employed by an organization operating within Peltarch, he makes a point of dodging direct questions about who he works for. Despite having subordinates of his own, he is mostly known for approaching groups of adventurers and pointing them in the direction of his objectives when his own subordinates aren't up to the task. Which seems to be quite frequent, as he is known to be something of a soft touch with a reputation for taking in charity cases with a penchant for getting in over their heads.

    Despite all that, he's shown a genuine patience and obvious care for those who work for him, and is quite open about his care for their own well-being.

  • Sir Roderick Prendergast Harrington Montgomery Wilberforce III

    Status: Missing, presumed to still be alive

    Appearance: A large man with a larger voice, Sir Roderick is difficult to miss on the rare occasions he ventures out into the public eye. If his height and width fail to catch your eye, however, then his bright ginger hair and bushy beard almost certainly will. Typically he wears a metal cuirass over top of a fine green and pale blue outfit, and is rarely seen without his trademark greatsword on his back or in his hands.

    Public Knowledge: Despite looking for all the world like an adventurer and a soldier (and despite certain of his exploits supporting that reputation), Roderick is most known for his scholarship and for using equipment cooked up within his magical laboratory to send adventurers on wild excursions to different planes of existence. Despite generally looking the same each time it's visited, this laboratory is known to have unconventional and typically magical entrances which often defy one's understanding of euclidean geometry. Most recently his laboratory was said to be flying over Peltarch, though its current exact whereabouts are unknown.