Vick Blake Seeking House in Peltarch...or other

  • I am looking at 2 options for Vick Blake and would like to know the possibility and rough time frame on each. I am fine doing option 2 while I work on figuring out option 1.

    Option 1 - Lair outside of the city - Would contract with the Dwarves to build something into the ground or concealed into a crevase. This could be anywhere from The Rawlinswood all the way to Peltarch. Very small and compact, does not mind "neighbors". Am trying to work this out in the toolset, never used it before. Budget is 45,000gp

    Option 2 - Vick Blake wants to purchase a 1 story house in the Peltarch docks district and add a PS chest, 9000gp total. Would pay extra for direct access to sewers, if possible, but I know this changes 2 maps.


  • Okay, I will keep it simpler and just go for a one story house in the docks district with a PS chest. $9000 + $1000 = $10,000.

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  • I have updated the original post, let me know if I missed anything.

  • Read over the information on custom housing with regards to placeables etc.
    Make yourself a budget and quote yourself a cost, then make your dwelling in the toolset and be prepared to submit it for consideration.

    For the existing housing in game include the cost, wether its a rental or a purchase, and if you want a ps added to it.

    Also include which character it is for.