Vivrie Merotrose

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    Vivrie Merotrose

    With a coltish, energetic presence, this spark of a girl wears her emotions on her sleeve, but her moods rarely last longer than a lit match. Vivrie is fond of glittering outfits in vibrant colors. She wears chic, chunky jewelry, and typically dresses her hair in a spirited cuts. An element of unabashed gaudiness seeps into her presentation, as one whose wealth has advanced quicker than her tastes.

    Her golden eyes belong to no human ethnicity in Faerun.

    Vivrie has never been witnessed wearing shoes… voluntarily.

    Vivrie describes herself as a travelling merchant and an aspiring "battle-wizard." Toward the former, she certainly shows an unambiguous interest where gold is concerned. The potions she sells usually come adorned with hand-drawn dragon-themed labels bearing the name "Aghazstamnyx." In magic, Vivrie appears heavily specialized in Evocation and Enchantment. However, she does not seem burdened by a personality adapted for long hours of study and meticulous research.

    Those who know her well might omit words such as "honesty" from their descriptions.

    Vivrie is a known "Mlemite", which the Peltarch Herald once described as a terrorist organization.

    Theme Songs
    Getting her hustle on
    Having an average, adventurous day
    Drained, lethargic

    Her fairy dragon familiar, Edmond, is adventurous and fun-loving. He is fond of delivering small gifts to people in the Commons such as spoons, food, and assorted little trinkets. How he acquires these gifts he does not say.