Scott Grimm

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    Originally from a small farmstead north of Two Stars, Thay, as a young child Scott was considered to be dim witted by his parents. He was slow to learn, rarely showed emotion, did not speak until he was nearly 6 winters old and even then rarely spoke unless he required something. By his early teens Scott was definitely considered strange by all who knew him, going about his day only as instructed and never taking initiative of his own. His only redeeming qualities was his discipline as he carried out any instruction given to him without complaint, his handsome qualities, and his polite demeanor.

    On a particular dark night in his 15th spring, Scotts farm home was broken into and attacked. Both his parents were presumably killed and Scott was abducted. Because of his witless nature Scott did not make any attempt to stop the abduction, and was thus carried off without resistance.

    He was taken to what would be described as a monastery, hidden deep in a forest. The lighting was always low and the scent of death was everywhere. At any given time there were pale skinned monks fighting each other until they were bloody, reading books, or studying dead and dieing things.

    At first Scott was subjected to countless painful tortures, being brought near death and then being given reprise in order to heal or die. These monks fascination with the dead and dieing was obsessive.
    The torturer known only as 'M' would often talk to Scott as he went about his work, telling Scott about why he is being tortured and what they hope to get out of doing it. He spoke of the order of the long death and how they desired to discover the perfect death. Scott was Lucky to be part of such a great study.
    Scott being as he is would wince and whimper from the pain but managed to hold back a lot of his cries, he did not want to interrupt the Monk and was content with doing as he was asked.

    This torture went on for months, often bringing Scott dangerously close to death but he always recovered. Eventually the Monk would go from talking to Scott to talking 'with' Scott, as he began asking questions and getting replies, to his disbelief the replies were always pleasant and polite even though it was under duress.

    Eventually the torture would stop as 'M' had nothing more he could do to Scott. He decided instead to teach Scott the ways of the long death, beginning with teaching him to fight the other monks. Two years of rigorous training was spent on fighting and meditating and Scott learned a great deal. He was never however good enough to beat the best Monks to be initiated officially into the order but ,being simple, that never mattered to him.

    On a quiet morning in his 19th year Scott was jarred awake by 'M' who told Scott he needed to leave the monastery. The local authority has learned that the Monastery was obtaining specimens without the permission and was being ordered to disband.

    'Travel to Narfell, Scott, and find the order there to resume your training, I will come find you one day. Seek the perfect death and learn all you can on your own.' Was all that M had to say to Scott before sending him on his way.

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