Build 905E

  • Narfell DM

    Notes from Dorakhan

    • DMs now have /e message channel that will both shout announcements and send messages to Discord #General.

    • Fixed transition errors in a variety of places.

    • Various other bug fixes.

    Notes from Its_A_Fire

    • Random encounters have been added to a few locations with more to come. Specific mobs will have a chance of being replaced with another one, some may irregularly contain a boss type creature, and other spawns might appear in rotating regions of the same map. All random encounters have been specifically designed by a DM or dev for the area where they appear.

    • Tuck Me Inn rooms and a few campfires (Ruined Tower, Heroes' Bluff) have been updated with rest system triggers/tags.

    • A new DM override to turn creature morale checks on and off for an entire area. See !dm_help or developer thread for details.

    • The !skillcheck command now properly accounts for the Pick Pocket penalty.

    • Nars Pass undead removed per PC action.

    • Rules & info journal entries updated with current information. (Thanks Zangeen, Seisan!)

    • Road signs updated along Nars Pass, Long Road

    • Minor spawner error clean-up.

    • Better Bardic armor error message added.

    • Chat meta channels disabled.

    • Dying PCs will drop small diamond items into loot bags.

    • A PC's auto-emote toggle setting should persist over reset.

  • Narfell Developer

    (Edited because the pre-written random encounters announcement was a bit more ambitious than what we finished before the Jiyyd finale urged us into an update. Only a few changes live right now, but more are coming.)